Body Painting Sessions

Body Painting has become mainstream. TV Reality shows like Naked in Vegas and Skin Wars show case it. Magazines do covers and full fashion spread layouts with it. Sports Illustrated does an annual Bikini Edition with it.

Now, you can experience the amazing transformation into a living art piece. Incredibly as art that means something to you. From abstract to clothing to characters or even animals that mean something to you.

The Bonus is we are introducing it with special pricing, a massive savings for a rare adventure!

We draw from a small, highly-skilled pool of Body Painting Artists in Calgary. They include international award-winning Body Paint Artist Lucie Brouillard, and Melody Kielek. They are simply amazing. Watch as your body is transformed into a delightful work of art.

The body art designs they create work well with or without underwear. We can do face painting for kids’ portraits as well. This is such a rare opportunity. The artwork is very personalized and we can add digital enhancements to the image in postproduction. 

Call for details or ideas.

View the video and our Body Art Gallery for samples and ideas.

The Body Paint Experience: $299 (Value of $940.00)

 Your Body Painting Experience is the second part of a 2 session day. For two delightful hours you will see your body vanish, transformed into the amazing art you selected. Followed by 70 plus images taken on custom sets over 1 to 2 hours.

Your day starts with makeup and hair, then you step into the first of two custom sets. For 2 hours you will be guided into breathtaking poses as Mark creates 70 images for you to select from.

In total your Body Paint Experience delivers 2 hours of Body Painting, 4 hours or more of photography time,the taking of 140 plus images for selection and up to 4 custom settings.

Plus you will get 10 digital images from your ordered prints.

The experience is an all day event with two photo sessions 2 hours of body Painting, three custom made sets to pose in, Hair and makeup done to your taste and 4hours of photography.

All of our Sessions include a no obligation Planning Consultation and a multimedia Dream Viewing of your completed images, all at no additional cost.