Joy of Life – The Expectant Mom Experience

The legacy of life. . .

Prenatal image of a woman photographed by Inner Spirit Photography Studio Calgary's Mark Laurie.
This is a precious time; a rare new life is reshaping your body and will soon be reshaping your life in amazing ways. These moments with your mommy-to-be glow cannot be recreated.

It’s an exciting time, whether it’s your first or last. You want to treasure every moment, marvel in the wonder of your miracle, embrace every tiny kick. An expectant mom portrait will become a legacy, a touchstone to all the memories being created now.

Our Joy of Life experiences are actually three sessions: the prenatal, the just born baby bonus, and baby session. These three sessions will give you such warm memories to cherish.

New! We Now Offer Painted Baby Bumps

These are amazing little tummy paintings the session has a morning traditional session followed by the body painting session. Call us for all the details 403.252.2662

Prenatal Photography Gallery

An expectant mom is an amazing woman
Behold the amazing mom to be
There are so many approaches to a maternity portrait. From a sensitive soft emotion, inclusion of the father to photographing your figure as an art form; it’s enriching. Mark Laurie, our Master Photographer with over 32 years experience, has mastered drawing out the emotional moment, creating endearing images that transform your experience. He is not only Calgary’s top prenatal photographer, but is internationally acclaimed.
Andrea avatar

“That was truly a great experience for a new mom, very empowering. And the shots turned out beautiful!” ~ Andrea Craig

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Prenatal Photography, It’s Time

It’s all about you in a Signature Experience. As an accomplished woman, you’ve done everything else. It’s time you stretched your comfort zone a little further and checked this box off your bucket list too.

A prenatal photo session with Inner Spirit Photography is like no other. There’s no rush. We’ll start you off with a hair and make-up session. Then we’ll help you make your wardrobe selections. Once you’re ready, the fun begins.

You’ll relax into a variety of sets and props where Mark will set you at ease, get you laughing and guide you into many flattering poses. The time may fly, but you’ll never feel rushed. You’ll discover our focus is on you and the amazing boudoir photography is what we capture along the way. For a detailed fly-through please read An Experience of a Lifetime.

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