Your Signature Experience

Boudoir and Nude Photo experiences at Inner Spirit have often been described as magical or transformational. That’s part of what sets us apart. Our focus is on the experience and not just on taking amazing photos. Of course breathtaking and emotion filled images are what we create, but they are the outcome of a process that’s all about you.Whether your reasons are personal or a special gift, a Signature Experience is one of the most daring and exciting things you’ll ever do.

The Signature Experience is a wonderful, liberating and emotionally charged adventure that few women will ever know. Isn’t it time to express the passionate woman buried beneath the caregiver, professional or entrepreneur. Isn’t it time to capture a timeless portrait of the woman you rarely unleash? We invite you to be among the passionate and self-expressed women of Inner Spirit. And if you’re up for the adventure… your next step is to Contact Us to book your Free Consultation.

But first read About The Experience, explore our Photo Galleries and get past your fear and doubts by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions. Read About Inner Spirit and Calgary’s own Mark Laurie. We think you’ll emerge intrigued and inspired with a sense of possibility. And if you do, we invite you to come visit us for a little chat. Have a look around our studio and we’ll help you understand the process, the possibility, what to expect, and our unparalleled guarantee.