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Mark Laurie

MPA, SPA, M.Photogf
International Photographer, Speaker, Writer

Mark Laurie is Canada’s most awarded portrait photographer. Based out of Calgary, Alberta he has travelled the world capturing the beauty of over 5100 different women in 16 different countries. With more than 40 years of experience making women look and feel amazing with his Boudoir Photography skills, he is an expert at working with any woman. He believes in creating a space where women can feel safe and freely express themselves.
Mark’s true talent is in getting women to relax in front of the camera and capturing their splendour for her, and those lucky few that she trusts, to see and cherish. His wide-ranging love of and experience in realizing artistic visions can make any dream come true.



In the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) Mark holds: Master of Photographic Arts (one of only 2 people who have 12 bars or more), Service of Photographic Arts, Fellow of PPOC, Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement Award, Photographer of the Year, 37 Accreditations.
In the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Mark Holds: Master of Photography & Photographic Craftsman Degrees.
Society for Wedding & Portrait Photographers (SWPP England) with 4 International Photographer of the Year Awards and the Fellowship award.
So many Trophies for Figure Study, Portrait, Experimental and more ( literally hundreds)Photography Reality show Best of The Best – Winner & Judge, TV series Inner Spirit Photography Presents, Voyager 3 space mission- 3 photographs archived on the flight

Our Inner Spirit Sprite.

Revealing the Beauty Within

Meet our Sprite!

You’ll see her flying out of the Inner Spirit name in our logo. She represents confidence, freedom, beauty, fun and playfulness but she has been known to be a bit mischievous at times!

We love the myths and legends of Sprites. They are described as ethereal, lively, vivacious and witty. Sprites are considered to be beautiful, ageless fairies who are very protective. They will whisk women away to safe places, defending them from evil creatures.

Our Sprite is imbued with all of these mythical traits. Watch for her, she is looking after you!

Our Team


Come in and relax while getting your makeup and hair done by Mark’s wife, Jan. She works to your tastes for a natural look that is all You but polished and glowing. Her true talent is


Fran does all of the retouching and printing of your final images. She has been with Inner Spirit for 20 years and in the photo business for 36.


Our Body Painters

One of our favorite session options is body painting! We have a group of fantastic artists who can create whatever your heart desires. Our go-to artist,



A new service we have added to our lineup is the art of Shibari, the ancient Japanese discipline of artful ondage. Being tied up can be strangely liberating and sexy!



Your Professional Guarantees

Our goal is nothing short of “Wow!”
After more than three decades of wowing people, we’re so confident, we guarantee it. In fact, in addition to making you feel safe and confident in every way, we give you guarantees unrivalled in the industry.
No other professional photography studio offers this lineup of “no strings attached” guarantees:

We Owe You a Session Guarantee:

When you buy a session or gift certificate at our studio or at a trade show, we’ll always owe you that session. There’s no deadline and no hidden charges. No matter how much time passes, even if you lose the receipt (we keep really good records) the session you bought will always be waiting for you.

Best Experience Ever Guarantee:

Your session should be an amazing experience. If it’s not, or not at all what you expected, we will redo it for free or refund all your money.
You Gotta Be Thrilled Guarantee: You should be thrilled when you first see your projected images. If not, we will redo your session for free or refund all your money.To live the experience click here and contact us right away.

The Perfection Guarantee:

Your images should be perfect by your standards when you pick them up. If they are not perfect for you, we will redo them until they are.