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Revealing the Beauty Within

More than 30 years of revealing the beauty in every woman have won Mark Laurie and Inner Spirit Photography international awards (Wikipedia) and acclaim for nudes and glamour images that express the power and confidence of women. There’s more to Inner Spirit, however than sexy images, regardless of how captivating and enticing they are.

The full story is that women often pose to explore who they are physically, emotionally and spiritually. In the process, they often experience something akin to a rite of passage, taking them to a new, heightened sense of self. Psychiatrists have studied and written about Inner Spirit, because of our healing powers. The studio has helped battered and abused women recover their confidence and self-image. Many photographers offer boudoir and nude photography. Few can claim, though, that in capturing the beauty and creating visually stunning images, they also deliver empowering, transformative experiences. Inner Spirit Photography is listed in the Best of Calgary Directory of Photographers.  Inner Spirit Photography is listed in the Best of Calgary Directory of Photographers
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Mark Laurie (MPA, SPA, M.Photog)

International Photographer, Speaker, Writer

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul. Among his awards is the Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement, 2 Fellowship Awards (PPOC & SWPP). He holds the Master Photographer degree, Master of Photographic Arts 10th bar, 4 International Photographer of the year awards. – Wikipedia: Mark Laurie


Jan Howells-Laurie

Jan Howells-Laurie

Image Enhancer, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist & Office Manager

Jan is Inner Spirit Photography’s transformation expert. When you come in for your session, she takes you from scrubbed face to camera-ready makeup and hair, in your choice of style and colours. She leads you into the exciting studio world of adventure, calming your nerves, giving you a confidence boost and reassuring you this is going to be amazing.

Jan has been doing all of this, and working on the images themselves, since the birth of Inner Spirit. Back then she used brushes and paints on negatives, transparencies and prints. Now, it’s digital touch-ups, with attention to detail such as lines and blemishes. At Inner Spirit, you will always look like you…at your very best! Managing many of the studio operations, Jan is constantly on the go. She likes working behind the scenes, making things run smoothly. She is the organized Yin to Mark’s chaotic, creative Yang.
Fran Williams

Fran Williams

Mark’s Assistant, Production Manager, Image Enhancer Artist

Fran’s been involved with Inner Spirit since the ’80s becoming staff in 2000. She is our get everything done girl, Mark’s right hand girl; Inner Spirit’s Girl Friday. She might be the first voice you hear on the phone. Her amazing eye for color gets everyone’s images perfect. Fran does nearly all our production work: album assembly, packaging and more.

Like Jan, Fran also enhances the images. That wrinkle that miraculously vanished could be her handiwork. She is highly creative with digital art. She preps the images for viewing. You will find Fran working with Mark at trade shows and often assisting in some of his more complex projects.


Studio Representative

You will find Emily at all of our charity events and trade shows. She loves to share her experience in front of the camera and how it changed her perception of herself. She is our evangelist. She brings incredible passion to the charities that we support. Her role is expanding so you will be seeing more of her.