Background Stories
To 2018 Snapshot Infographic
Of Inner Spirit Photography

Behind every photo, or in this case infographic, is a bigger story. We call it the background stories. You can learn a bit more about the story behind the stats.

114 Photo Sessions in 2018 by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography

Mark was busy in 2018!

We figured out that he was behind the camera for 540 hours. Some of those hours were personal projects, but for the client sessions he spent another 205 hours prepping and showing his clients their images. Most hours were spent in his studio, creating sets, crafting his lighting. There were more hours, we didn’t make a note of, where he was testing his lights and experimenting with different photographic looks. 

For Mark, the Sessions are pretty magical. Most of his clients come in when something is happening in their lives. He noticed women find him when they are experiencing a Pivotal Moment. With his 40 plus years of experience he helps his clients turn their Pivotal Moment into a positive transforming moment. It is exciting!

You might want to be one of those fascinating women next year.

21-76 age range of women Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography photographed nude.

That is quite the age range! Our oldest client, so far in 40 years who commissioned us, was 91 years old.

Not every woman starts off believing they want or could do a nude or even a revealing photo session. They usually find, that they do; that they can. The studio is so warm (we have heated floors), so safe feeling, so exciting as they watch the sets go up and see their images on the back of the camera, that they get bold.

It is so empowering; as they embrace their bodies, their sexiness; their eyes come alive, revealing so much confidence. It usually surprises them. Mark is so confident this will happen, he gives guarantees that no one else does. He guarantees that each woman will love her experience and be thrilled when she first sees her images that if they are not, he will give a full refund.

It seems no age is out of the range to experience something amazing, to see themselves in the way that the people who love them do. It is hard to explain how gratifying this is for each woman.

21 body painting photography sessions by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography, Calgary

Mark loves photographing body painted women. Calgary is home to some of the most awarded, most talented body painters in North America. One, Lucie, even holds a world title. He has created two books of body painted women so far and a third one is in the works. Their body painting art can get pretty elaborate. Some take up to 6 hours or more. But wow, is it incredible. Most are done in 4 hours.

Body painting is a mixture of coverage and detail, the more covered, the more detail, the longer it takes.

Mark even bought some of the old-style black lights to create an even more surreal, artistic effect. The women watch in often stunned disbelief as their bodies disappear into fascinating art. Sometimes they are a character, sometimes its clothing. Tribal designs have become very popular. Abstracts or art creations round out our client’s requests. It often is more than just body painting, head pieces and props become part of the finished piece.

If you have not had this done, you have got to talk to us; 403.252.2662. It is incredible!

14 mermaids photographed underwater by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography

Mermaids. They are so beautiful.

With those long expressive tails they are as magical as you can imagine! Tracy makes the tails, they are colorful. So, what’s it like to photograph mermaids (and one merman)? Exciting and so much fun, Mark tells us! In one shoot he had so much weight on he could walk around on the underwater surface. He had this cool hose feeding him air from a pump on the surface. In one shoot he spent 13 hours in the water.

But oh, those images; they are mythical!

13 hours photographing women surrounded by flames & fire - Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography

Surrounded by fire! To be honest it looks more daunting than it was to be in the middle of it.

No one else is photographing women quite this way. One of Mark’s clients commissioning her session was a firefighter from BC. We hauled out our life size Champagne glass for one woman’s session. She sat in the glass while flames swirled around her. Now the images look a lot more dangerous than the session was.

Tristan is our Fire Master. He is so skilled, twirling flaming fire pots, staffs etc. around Mark’s clients. The flames will go for about 65 secs before they run out of fuel. In that time the Fire Master is creating such cool designs. Mark works a mixture of exposures, f-stops and shutters speeds to make the most of the rich flames.

 4 days - Magic of Santa sessions by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography

Santa Claus. Everyone loves Santa, especially the kids!

We had the new Magic of Santa sessions. We created a huge set, 25 feet wide, full of toys with a window on one end that had moonlight streaming in.There was a Christmas tree with presents under the decorated branches, in one corner. In the middle of the set sat the jolly elf himself; Santa.

Children ran to him. Each had 30 minutes of exclusive “Santa” time, they sat on his knee, shared stories, read books, found their name on the nice list and presents under the tree. Many were special needs children who were thrilled and fearless with their new friend and hero.

Santa is so magical, and ours was the best. Our Santa was authentic in every way with over two decades of being Santa in his special, custom-made Santa suit. Wow, what a legend in our studio!

PS: we can connect you with him if you have a Santa need Event.

10 photo shoots on location by mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography

Mark travels a lot! It seems women all over the world want him to come to them.

He loves the opportunities, some call them challenges, of photographing outside of his studio. Usually without all his lighting gear, just a trimmed down, travel ready kit. We are pretty sure he knows some of the flight attendants (we know he has photographed a lot of them) and pilots by name. Everyone has a special place they want to have be part of the session. Mark is always ready to go to some place exotic or just down the highway.

He chooses the best time of day for the light in some of these locations to be truly delicate. He loves finding light that gently brushes his clients face in the most delicate and flattering ways.

Want to take Mark somewhere in 2019? He is easily convinced!

$504,100 donated to charities in 40 years by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography

From the very start, even before Inner Spirit Photography was incorporated, charities were a cornerstone of our Vision.

The charities are so diverse. We have donated photo sessions, prints, some very large canvases for worthy causes. Mark has even donated his knowledge with private photography lessons. He has a real knack for teaching. Having Inner Spirit Photography at a charity event always adds some visual interest. It is important to us not to just make a difference in a client’s life, but to make a difference in the community.

Photography is so powerful, it pulls families together, empowers women, makes such a lasting statement.  Got a charity? Talk to us, we can help.

10 main stage speaking events on empowering women by Mark Laurie of inner spirit photography

Mark does talk a lot!

He has so much passion and excitement, and oh yes, knowledge. Wow! With 40 years as a photoartist, he does know a lot. He also knows how to empower women, create safe spaces where they can see their beauty. He is pretty amazing up on the stage! Mark loves to share some wonderful stories, with so much humour but his passion and caring are always easy to spot. It is often remarked on how authentic he is, how much knowledge he so freely shares.

We have noticed lately Mark seems to be watching for any chance to walk on a stage. Of course, he has been speaking since 1984, locally, nationally and internationally. Got a stage for him?

1578 images posted to social media by Mark Laurie of inner spirit photography

Mark’s images are so art like and flattering, that many of his clients requesst him to use their images to showcase his talent. Of course, his personal projects also come into the mix. He grumbles about how much time social media consumes but we noticed over the years that he has not stopped! He loves watching the reactions, on some of his media postings when his clients get very involved in the discussions. You might even find your way to his groups, there is the IS Goddesses and the Magic of Santa Facebook groups where the sharing gets very intimate or personal at times.

We hope you enjoyed these insights, the background to the stats of our 2018 year in review. Call us at 403.252.2662 if you have any questions, would love to have a conversation about some of them or especially if you would like to be photographed! Mark will make it very special for you.