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One of the most important things to take care of in a Boudoir session is directing a client on how to pose. It is pretty obvious that most of the clients may not know how to try out various postures in front of the camera, especially in an intimate session like a Boudoir photoshoot. It becomes the responsibility of a photographer to guide the client regarding the same.

But is observed that, at times, Boudoir photographers too run out of ideas and go with the same old poses. This ultimately brings no variety to the table and makes the Boudoir pictures look monotonous.

Thus, to break this monotony, we have listed down a couple of some amazing poses that you can try out as a Boudoir client or teach the same as a photographer to your client during a shoot. Let us see what these poses are:-

1) See Over The Shoulders

This is one of the easiest poses you can teach your client. Tell her to keep a cushion or a pillow under her arm to give a slight curve on her body. Next, ask her to bend her knees a little and look over the shoulders. This pose looks sensuously gorgeous and adds a hint of elegance to the photograph.

2) Pose With An Arched Back

Another elegant pose to make your photograph look sensual is by posing with an arched back. Ask your client to lay down and arch her back a little. By arching the bottom and the back, you can get quite a sensuous pose. But try this only if your client is a little flexible, otherwise, she might end up having a cramp in her back.

3) Simple Laid Back On A Bed Pose

If a client is not comfortable in the beginning, it is better to start off with laid-back poses to make her get comfortable with the Boudoir photoshoot atmosphere. Ask her to lay down on the bed, and play with her hands and legs. Guide her on how to place her hands over her back, chest, stomach, thighs, etc. Ask her to try arching, swinging, and bending her body while laying over the bed. Kickstarting the session with simple postures will help your client get comfortable and experiment further with different poses.

4) Pose With A Chair

Posing with a chair is also something easy and glamorous to make your clients try. Before commencing the session, select a chair that teams up well with a client’s outfit. Also, try to pick a chair of a much larger size so that the client can experiment with tons of different poses with it. By bending and arching on and around the chair, multiple shots and poses can be taken.

5) Play With Hair

Be it a sitting, standing, or laying down position, ask your client to simultaneously play with their hair. Ask them to flip their hair from time to time so as to add some volume to them. Experimenting poses with hair looks simply gorgeous and sensuous at the same time, so make sure you direct well throughout.

6) Placing Hand On Front Of The Upper Body

One of the most sensuous photographs can be clicked while a woman is posing as if caressing her upper body. So, ask your client to pose as if she is hugging herself, or tell her to keep her palm at her chest, or placing hands at collarbone or shoulders. Such poses look extremely elegant if positioned at proper angles. Such pose should definitely be given a try in a Boudoir photo shoot.

7) Pose With Elongating Legs

Direct your client to lay down on a bed or a couch, sideways. Ask her to elongate her legs and put one on another. This will make her entire body

stand out and make her look like a diva. You can even guide her to place her hands on her legs lightly to give a sensuous touch.

8) Focus On The Jewellery And Accessories

If a client is donning some jewelry or wearing some statement accessories, then click some photographs drawing attention to them. By keeping them in focus, you can highlight a particular side of the client. Try to highlight the body along with the accessory to accentuate the sensuous feel of the Boudoir photoshoot.

9) Experiments With A Mirror

Be it a fashion photoshoot, a nude photoshoot, or even a Boudoir photography event, pictures with mirrors always look sumptuous. Try to play with mirrors in your client’s Boudoir session. Direct her to pose in front of a mirror while standing or even while laying down. Mirror-reflection photographs can be captured in both landscape and portrait size, so experiment as much as you like.

10) Posing Gymnastically In Photographs

If your client is flexible and can try some acrobatic or gymnastic moves, ask her to go ahead with them during the Boudoir session. Tell her to try poses that would look elegant and aesthetically pleasant in the pictures. You can even ask her to pose gymnastically over various prop articles as well, like on a couch, a piano, a chair, a carpet, etc. From some arches to some bends, guide her on what would look good, and click pictures accordingly.

11) The Lined-Up Pose

In order to capture eyes, chest, legs in the same frame, ask your client to try the lined-up pose. In this, she would be required to lay down on a bed and arch her back a bit with her chin up. Once everything comes in line, go ahead and take pictures. This is one of the easiest and of course the most glorious poses you can try with a client.

12) Posing With Personal Articles

To make a Boudoir photoshoot more personal, you can add some personal articles in the photoshoot as well. Be it your cardigan, a coffee mug, partner’s t-shirt, some flowers, you can personalize the session by adding such items.

So, these were some easy poses you can ask your client to try out in her boudoir session. All of these poses can be easily implemented in a photoshoot without any hassles. You can even experiment and elevate these poses with your own ideas too.

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