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Planned a Boudoir shoot but wondering what all you can carry along to bring out an ‘oh-so glam’ look? If you nodded for a yes, don’t you worry even a bit, here is a complete guide with all such accessories and add ons that can make your Boudoir session a perfect hit!

In most cases, clients keep pondering about their Boudoir look. They find it a tad difficult to finalize what all they must add to their look. Some tend to overdo it and some lack the glory. Hence, here is a list of all such accessories and prop articles that can accentuate your Boudoir photographs and your entire appearance.

Lacy Silk Lingerie Set

The first article that you must finalize should be your clothing. Remember, it must be a combination of sexy and sassy that correctly matches your personality. Hence, for that, go for a silk or lacy lingerie set. Pick a color that suits your complexion and accents well with your aura. Not to forget, you have to look fiery and empowered in the Boudoir shoot, thus, go for the colors that bring out your boldness. Don’t shy away from revealing lingerie, they will add the needed charm to your boudoir photoshoot.


For a Boudoir snap shooting session, the next most essential article you must keep handy is your jewelry. A Boudoir is a perfect photography event to take out your jewelry from your box that opens only on special occasions. Be it your wedding ring, a statement neckpiece, long tassel earrings, chunky bracelets, diamond charms, bold nose rings, beaded anklets, vintage studs, just take them all. Plan your Boudoir look in advance and see what goes well with what. Just make sure to avoid overdoing it as it may make the look too gaudy.


Usually, bare feet are enough to add grace to complete your sultry Boudoir look but a pair of heels can work wonders. Thus, carry a few pairs of heels or pumps in black, white, nude, or red colors. You can even try out bold-colored pumps in hot pink or neon blue colors. Heels can accentuate your Boudoir look and can give you a toned appeal. So, do not forget to add them to your accessories bag.

Garter Belts And Thigh Highs

Boudoir is an artistic and erotic nude photoshoot session. The more statement pieces you add to it the more it enhances the look. Wearing garter belts and thigh highs can help you in doing the job. Though some women might feel donning a garter belt is a tough task but it is surely worth wearing. It can make you look sleek, chiseled, and glamourous from top to bottom. Try out one for sure.

Bridal Collection

If you are a bride-to-be and thinking to gift something special to your fiance, a Boudoir photograph is a brilliant idea. In your Boudoir session, you can add some significant pieces from your wedding gala to add the wedlock charm. Be it your wedding ring, your garter, shoes, wedding night lingerie, etc., you can pair it with your attire and make it look stand out. It will be a beautiful sneak peek into the wedding for your to-be-hubby.

Personal Props

Personal props and articles of your significant other make a great addition to your Boudoir photoshoot session. You can bring some of your partner’s shirts, ties, watch, coffee mug, cap, etc. You can even wear the dresses he gifted in the Boudoir shoot. This will add some additional personalization to the photographs. You can even have a theme-based Boudoir shoot with all such activities that you two enjoy the most. Like pictures with guitar signifying your love for listening to music, or pictures with you wearing a sexy sports jersey relishing your time watching soccer. It is a great idea to make your Boudoir shoot majestically intimate.


If you are a little hesitant to get clicked nude and worrying about what could help you make look sexy then here is an easy solution! Wear shapewear. It is an underrated piece of garment that can instantly help you get that ‘oh-so-sexy look without much effort. All those ladies who are not comfortable with wearing lingerie and want their bodies to be mostly covered during the shoot can go for shapewear. Trust us, it will hug your body in perfect places and make you look bold and bright in the boudoir sessions.


Another gorgeous garment you could wear in your Boudoir photoshoot is a robe. Be it a meshed robe, a lacy robe, a silk robe, or a revealing robe, every kind of robe can make your Boudoir session a box office hit! You can pair it with your lingerie or wear it with your dress, a robe can glamorize your appeal with much ease. Also, for a more sassy look, you can just wear the robe all by itself. In order to channel your sensuous side in a Boudoir, a robe is all you need! Hence, add one to your bag soon.

Aesthetic Articles

To make your Boudoir photoshoot a bit different than the regular ones, add some aesthetic articles in and around your backdrop. You can throw in some silk pillows, some feather fans, some hardback books, peacock feathers, a soft cozy blanket, candles, flowers, etc. All such decor items can highlight the look and mood of the photo session. Try some for sure!

Something From Your Kitchen

Surprised to read this heading? Well, don’t be because there are some splendid articles present right in your kitchen that you can add to your Boudoir shoot. So, just take a quick scroll in your kitchen and pick out all such items that look chic and stylish. It can be some wine bottles, wine glasses, coffee mugs, dessert spoons, etc. Just make sure it pairs up well with your look. Be it a nude photo shoot or a concealed one, kitchen articles can add a mystical charm to our appeal.

Pieces From The Dressing Closet

Your dressing and make-up closet is another hidden gem to find out some exceptional articles for your Boudoir. Be it a sleek bottle of perfume, a long white pearl necklace, giant hoops, a little antique crown or headgear, or even some classy pins, all such ornaments can make you look like a bombshell.

So, these are a bunch of accessories and pieces of articles you can carry while going for a Boudoir photoshoot. Remember, always pair all the accessories with each other before you commence your shoot to avoid confusion and inconvenience. See what gels up well with one another and then start your session.

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