Nude body painted woman as a wood nymph Copyright Mark Laurie, Inner Spirit Photography

Body Painting With Film Crew And A Florist

It starts with a nude canvas full of possibilities; it ends with some of the most incredible creations. What happens in between is the story though; the reason we all do it.

While amazing art from a host of creative people happens in our Body Painting Jams, it is the energy created that is the most thrilling. Watching the interactions between the artists, the models, hairdressers and this time the movie crew, was so cool. Everyone added their own insights and skill, no egos or judging, just joy.

It was a long day for the models, getting a full body, detailed body painting done can be exhausting. It is hours, sometimes 5 or 6 sometimes only 3. It is fascinating to watch the body transform. Sometimes, after the face is finished, who my client was vanishes into this totally new character, like Sue with her Koi fish design. Wow, perfect Geisha cheek bones!

April, our hairdresser for the day, was flitting in and out as each woman came near completion. Attaching some of the most exquisite flower hairpieces.


Then Fran, Share and Michele had video cameras going everywhere. Luckily for everyone, they liked it when artists or models moved in front of their lenses. It gave it a “real” feel they explained. They were working towards such an interesting endgame vision. They not only had all their gear, including a crane, they borrowed some of my lenses. I had to double check that it stayed, Fran really, really liked it.

For me, back stage snap shots aside, I got to play host in my hurry up and wait for the explosion of activity. For when all the art is done, which is usually about the same time. I get to go nuts photographing all these art with concepts. Today, I also got to do pretend shots as the movie team got shots of me taking shots, and taking shots and taking shots.

If you have been to my studio, you know how it overflows with props and sets. Thank the weatherman for sunny skies because my deck and basement were filled with everything we took out of the studio to make room for 15 people. Hey, you know, my studio is actually pretty big when all that stuff gets taken out. My assistant Fran suggested we just leave it that way.


Today, as we clean up the glitter (you can tell Melody and Miranda where there), tuffs of feathers, moss, flower petals and jewels, it will be easy to do because of the excitement of getting to create those images.

Watching and being a part of such an incredible fusion of talent, creation and excitement is more than fun; it is why I am a photographer. It was fantastic that these models were just my regular clients having a ball. I’m sure that night they just crashed.

We started doing body paint jams about a year ago. Melody invites several body painters in, I invite some of my past clients in then the painters indulge in paintings they have wanted to do but no client has ever requested. We create an environment that is risk friendly: why do safe when you can roam free? Everyone always rises to the dream, the vision.


I should really plan on doing a book to showcase these amazing creations from these amazing artists.

If you have ever thought about expressing yourself through some body paint art, this is the team to do it for you.

Ah, the possibilities. It always starts with a nude; then becomes something incredible.



Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.