Nude body painted woman photographed by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit photography studio Calgary

Have you ever thought of going out in public nude? Ever wonder what the reaction would be? Jennifer did.

No one noticed her.

Not even a glance from any of the lunchtime crowd pouring past her. Not even when she started to laugh.

Even when the breeze made her perky, not a glance, and Jennifer is pretty striking.

I suspect it was the body painted clothes. The Calgary Body Painters do a pretty realistic job of clothes. They put in folds, rips, and creases. The really clever ones attach some 3D objects. Silver metal decorative disks glued over a painted belt. Ripped threads glued over a painted blue jean rip.

Body painted couple photographed by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit photography studio Calgary

Jay had a package of cigarettes held in place on his arm by the tight fabric band that was tied into a T-shirt sleeve.

Being body painted with clothes can be so convincing that even if you are wearing them you might forget. We were photographing two retro ’50s couples when Jay spun the girl into his arms. She squealed then bashfully said, “Right up to that moment, I had forgotten I was naked!”

Nude body painted woman photographed by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit photography studio Calgary

Not everyone ventures outside in their skin tight body painted clothes, sometimes we drop outside into their background. The image of the 1940s mechanic looked very different on the plain background. She was holding this wrench by her side looking like a demented serial killer, but dropping in the B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber behind her at sunset had her looking like a very intense mechanic.

Sometimes, though, people do notice and do that ol’ double-take. In this Denmark Video they painted a black T-shirt on the model with Chanel over her chest. She then walked the streets, with a camera crew trailing her. It might have been the cameras that got folks noticing her, but the expressions were fantastic.

We did one session with Samantha Fox, as a fox of course, at sunset in Fish Creek Park. She slipped out of the van, walked casually over to the deep yellow grass, and did a series of poses. No one did anything more than glance at her before returning back to their activity. Except the van of teenagers that drove past. Their tires squealed as the van was geared into reverse. It was too late though, we were done and in the van.

Of course you probably have seen all the Sports Illustrated painted bikinis on famous models. It’s so popular they do it every year now. Favourite team sports jerseys are all over the place.

I just love watching the transformation our Body Painting team does with clothes. It always seems such a shame when the art is washed off.

Now if you want to try this, let us know, it’s as exciting and transforming as you can imagine.

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.

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  • Nice promotional piece for Professional Bodypainters!! Thank you! Lori Ann. SoloBodyArt. (Edmonton)