An open heart surgery survivor fittingly becomes a super hero through body paint for her nude portrait at Inner Spirit Photography.

Leah had survived open-heart surgery 9 months ago. Actually it was her second heart surgery. She is as proud of her chest scars as any warrior who has entered and returned from a battlefield. She also possessed more life – her energy just sparkled off of her – than most I have met.

She wanted nudes that would not just showcase her scar, but would reveal her love of life, her confidence, and her enthusiasm.  The idea of a super hero concept arrived quickly, fitting her perfectly. It was not the only concept she wanted to explore.

Being nude was part of her purpose. She wanted to be bold, to express her freedom, to be unconventional in showing the range of her personality. So the first session became that. One of the things I loved is that she was not willing to wait until she had her trim, fit body back. She was in the moment and was going to be imaged as she was. Posing her to flatter everything was clearly my job.

Most of us go for decades before we have to even consider the face of mortality. We are filled with memories of a textured life that roll back over every moment. Because of that, most moments are taken for granted, not really relished for how precious they are as they scatter on the ground of our path. Having faced it so early, this young woman exploits every moment she has. It is an inspiration to watch.

I was thrilled to be part of her boldness.

The body painting was really inspired. Her hero theme evolved into a retro 1940’s comic heroine, complete with a steampunk ray gun. Lucie Isabelle Brouillard created this amazing outfit that you see in the blog image. After that creation, we just played off of her energy.

It was one of the most incredible session I have been creating images in.

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.