Melissa's nude photo session pt 1 Copyright Mark Laurie -, Calgary

This the first of three blog posts about Melissa, our recent 23 year old client. We spoke with her the day before her session, the day after, and then again after her viewing. Follow her journey.

The Planning

We caught up with Melissa the day before her session.  Melissa, a Calgary based landscape gardener, had the idea pop into her head after meeting Mark at his exhibition at the Calgary Sex Show.  She considered, dreamed, and desired about posing for Mark for about six months before signing on.  She was awestruck by the images that Mark showed her in their first meeting and was surprised how she felt immediately comfortable with him. “Mark’s passion really shines though his photos, you know immediately you are in great hands.”

Melissa fell in love with the Harley shots and the Victoria’s Secret Angel-esque wings. Of all the potential shots, she was most looking forward to shooting with the Harley! Going into the shoot, she has some ideas but is mostly looking forward to “giving Mark the space to get creative”.  Melissa said she was a bit nervous about the shoot saying that the nerves hit the night before keeping her up all night thinking, “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.” She says she hasn’t prepared much for the shoot but “can’t wait to see what magic Mark comes up with.”

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Posted by: Mark Laurie

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