Melissa's Nude Photo shoot story Copyright Mark Laurie -, Calgary

This the final of three blog posts about Melissa, our recent 23 year old client. We spoke with her the day before her session, the day after, and then again after her viewing. Follow her journey.

The Viewing

4462D-0016MB Woman with suggestive nude cleavage, boudoir lingerie looking at camera . Copyright Mark Laurie -, CalgaryWe were thrilled to show off our latest work with Melissa. Walking into the viewing, it was amazing seeing all the wonderful shots that Mark took. There were so many stunning shots that she found it difficult to choose. It was a little intimidating trying to pick just a handful of pictures from so many that are all amazing in their own right.

Fortunately with years of experience Mark’s eye comes in handy when helping you “narrow down what you like and don’t like, otherwise choosing pictures could take forever and cost a fortune.”

Melissa says that having an idea of where the photos might end up helped her narrow down what images she was looking for.  Also, bringing a close friend or family member to help is a great idea too!

4462D-0107MB Nude woman with large white wines. Copyright Mark Laurie -, CalgaryMelissa ended up choosing one large print for her bedroom “to remind me of how beautiful I am.” She also chose a smaller album because she wanted more than one photo and says she will have a few on her dresser as small reminders of this awesome day.

Her last words of advice are that it’s a great and fun experience that everyone should have. Whether for a celebration of self or life, or as a tool for self discovery and confidence building.

If you are curious about the type of session that Melissa had, it was the Signature Experience session. Inner Spirit has a full range of photography sessions to look through and choose from, or contact us and we can help you select one that works best for you!

Posted by: Mark Laurie

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