It’s Time… for a bubble bath! 

Bubble bath photography sessions photographed by Inner Spirit Photography Studio Calgary's Mark Laurie.
Big Bursting Bubbles. . . Slippery Skin. . . It’s Sensual and Fun! Your nude figure barely exposed from the fluffy bubbles. Grab a handful then blow them towards the camera. Try a wet, see-through clinging t-shirt (we have them) for something suggestive. You’ll look perfect with a sly grin, a shy smile, or something very suggestive.

So, we have the bubble bath, a giant Champagne glass and, for fun, a bubble machine with ray bubble guns. We have a special bubble suds maker. Could you have more fun being sexy? We just need you.

Oh, this is just for one weekend, then it’s gone, gone, gone for at least a year.

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Bubble Bath Sessions are $175 plus GST
VIPs are free

September 27 and 28, 2014


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