We Were Thrilled

you joined us at our Insights- Wine Tasting With A Twist Event. Here is the posing tips and the Revelations book-

Click to get: 15 Point Posing Guide

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Included In All Our Sessions – Gifted Extras

Hair and makeup to your taste, unlimited outfit changes, posing guidance, previewing of images as we go along, access to our outfits and props. A fantastic time that is Guaranteed!


Your session can be anything you like. from Fashion Portrait, to something romantic. It is very tailored to what you wish to have created.

Our Connoisseur Experience Session – $50

Your session is 2 hours of photography time with 70 images being taken for selection in two custom settings.  Regular price is $145.
To Order, Click HERE or Click the Photograph
Connoisseur Show Special

Our Signature Experience Session – $100

Your session is 4 hours of delightful photography time with 140 images being taken for selection in three custom settings. Regular price is $300.
To order, Click HERE or Click the Photograph.
$100 show Special for Signature Experience session

Our Body Paint Special Experience – $299

This starts with a Connoisseur Experience then we bring in the body painter for two hours of painting followed by photography of your body art. This includes a total of 3.5 to 4 hours of photography, 2 hours of body painting, 130 plus images for selection along with 3 custom settings to pose in. Value is $900.
To order Click HERE or Click the photograph.
$299 Show special for Body Paint session