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Are You One Of The Rare Women That Embrace A Reality Shift?

Casual or formal dress, lingerie or sexy latex, even nude or implied nude; all need a place to be, an environment that surrounds the subject. This is where reality can shift. Where we can leave it, replace it; even amplify it.

On the surface, with only a cursory glance, a photograph is a representation of what you look like or what you were doing or a record of who was with you. Most photographers don’t try to get much deeper. With today’s smart phones, these types of images come at everyone in waves creating a huge sea of recorded reality.

Good photographers get under the skin of the photographs; these rare images endeavor to show relationships, slices of personality all wrapped up in an emotional context that strikes chords in the viewer. Even if the viewer is you. This is the reality of you.


Yet, a photograph can resonate deeper. They can reveal dreams, deep desires, fantasies; they can create a place, a world that projects you deep into your own myth. It is steeped in Hollywood magic; it connects or links symbolically to iconic big picture themes. It adds layers of meaning to your image.

Some of these meanings will be evident to the casual viewer, some will only emerge if the viewer knows the person’s history, back story or connections.

Changing the environment, the setting, is not new; although it is easier now with digital. Yet, while the tools are readily available to nearly anyone, the use of them work best in the hands of artists who understand the nuances of merging the two as well as the emotional reasons for doing so.

There is the knee jerk obvious insertion of a space scene, with a Star Wars or Star Trek tone to it. With the right pose (not a stiff comic expo event shot) this will work. It attaches the whole value and myth of those stories to the expression that enfolds the subject.

made by genefleeman from Renderosity

made by genefleeman from Renderosity

It can go to a personal level. With Risa we added body paint so she become the projection of her own mythology, embedding her connection to the tree frog onto her body. Then we placed her into a setting reflective of Hawaii, full of lush greens, water falls complete with stone idols. This gives her images, to her, a huge emotional depth and meaning that uniquely shifts her reality to her personal Zen of being there.

As the concept of reality shifting in your image becomes full bodied, you can leave the realm of real places, even if they only exist in the imagination. You can explore deeper resonances with texture and phrases. Like the image we called Faded Rose. The subject is peeled out of a real setting then with overlays and blends becomes the embodiment of a personal meaning.

It may just be pretty but make no deeper sense to anyone else not near to you. But to you, it speaks. It reinforces purposes, beliefs; it takes you to a place in your soul that is important to you.


These are the reality shifts. When they have meaning to you, the whole image changes.

I love doing this. To intuitively connect to my clients, take my image beyond simple reality; turn an image into something that is exceedingly precious because of the vision incorporated. That is an exciting reality shift.


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.