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Photographs Are Anchors And Doorways For You.

 Our interaction with photographs is complex. Most photographs, pictures if you will, slide by us. Passing trains we glance at, enjoy in the moment then discard. Life is, after all, busy.

 But some photographs become precious. Usually ones taken with purpose, even though the purpose may be the excuse.

 These are the photographs you linger on, come back to; enjoy like an old friend.

 These are the anchors and doorways, portals, actually.

 As anchors they become the well that holds the moment it was taken. All the things that made that moment, that time in your life, worth savoring; worth coming back to. It does not trigger a memory of the time with your photographer; rather it holds the full experience of it. Around it swirls the events of that day, other people, other events; a milestone marker with tendrils to all of these.

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 You remember the love, even the passion, of the person you held or you were doing it for. You recall the reasons you came, the reason it was important to get a portrait done that day and not another.

 That image you linger on brings back a specific slice of your past. A time you, or your subconscious, has decided is important to be anchored to.

 As portals, photographs become more complex. Portals are doorways to different things. To emotions, to concepts, to friendships; to so many places, even to some that did not even exist at the time of the image.

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 For example Jane was single when we photographed her. Two years later she met a marvelous man, who 2 years after that was looking at her book. He stopped at a page and pointed. “ I recall the first time you gave me that look . . .” he went on in a personal story with what it meant to him.

 That moment, she explained to me, the moment he pointed, became the most important moment in their relationship, a hugely pivotal moment. They discovered truths about their relationship that altered it in a way she could never have imagined.  That was the portal the photograph opened.

 Sometimes the portal is a projection into the future. A note to our future selves going through future things to remind ourselves of values or goals or just who we really are. In the rush of life we can forget those things.


 These moments don’t just come once; they can be created as often as you find a moment worth creating them for. They become even more powerful when you understand the power you wield when you are creating one, taking ownership of its why.

 So often the nude photography I do has little to do with my clients being nude in a photograph. It is about being brave, finding personal strength to grow from. Or it is about reveling in their beauty at the moment, or wanting to find it. Sometimes it is about the experience, the story they get to tell, complete with pictures of the journey.

 It could be about expressing themselves, sharing themselves. Finding their own beauty within a swirling moment of life they want a connection to remain to.

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 So the photographs I create for them become anchors and portals. These images enrich their lives in ways I cannot imagine as I click the shutter.

 If you have a feeling that this is your moment to cherish, we can create your anchor.

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Posted by: Mark Laurie

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