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The Heart Knows The Day . . .

The DAY of course is Valentine’s Day! It’s the perfect day for lovers; I love photographing for this event.

Oddly it started out as the Roman pagan festival Lupercalia then was converted into a Christian saint feast on Feb 14, 496 A.D. by Pope Gelasius 1.

Inner Spirit Photography has been creating Valentines Day specials since 1984. Back then our studio was in our basement. In 1990 we had our first Valentine event in our new studio.

That was the year Calgary Harley Davidson loaned us our first Harley Bike, a deep yellow Heritage Softail.


We also took out our first double page spread ad for it in the Sun Newspaper. They were so impressed they did a half page story on us, something they did for the next 10 years.

Creating Valentine’s gifts; usually nudes or lingerie (or Boudoir style) is a tradition for us. Interestingly, a number of women use the date as a reason to create a racy or romantic gift for themselves not a husband or boyfriend!

We have created so many really interesting sets for the Valentine Crowd.

One year we had a balloon bed made. It was pretty cool, two layers of white balloons with burgundy red balloons creating a heart in the bed and headboard. Our biggest fear was that spiked heels would puncture the bed.

Clare had fun with her gift. She left a trail of rose petals; hand pulled from red rose bunches. At the petal’s end was her album of nudes. Turning the last page he found an eye mask with instructions to wear it and get ready . . .

She said it was the most fun she has had on Valentines ever. Her images, she explained inspired her. He loved it.

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We enjoy these stories. We have even had a few clients that successfully leveraged their images into wedding proposals. Susan laughed as she told me it was very persuasive.

One really cool gift is our books from Italy. They take a while to layout, proof and print so many of our women started using our Love Letters to be the teaser for the real Valentines Gift.

Zoey saw a chance to get some mileage out of her gift. Rather than give prints on the day, she gave a package to come to the session. He knew what he was getting, so he got to be a part of the planning of it. They got some slinky and some kinky lingerie; her bonus was the high heels.


As they sourced posing ideas she got some great insights on him too. On her session day she let him come for half of it then sent him home so there would be half he had to wonder about. Finally: the viewing. They purchased more than she would have gotten on her own!

It’s a crazy time for us, everyone rushing for the same date. We love being a part of it. Imagine filling your days photographing lovers at their most romantic moment. I do live a charmed life.

Would you like something amazing to give the love of your life? Have an adventure at the same time? This is for you.

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Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.