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50 Shades of Fantasy

On a circle you will find us dead opposite from what the 50 Shades of Grey book/movie is all about. While we specialize in nudes and have done bondage on request, our purpose is so different.

We are about empowering women, expanding their experiences in ways that are fun and enriching. It is a safe space for women to express their personality, experiment a bit, push their boundaries, and at times, play with being scandalous.

When your mind opens up to possibilities, when it expands by leaping over a barrier, breakthroughs occur. The mind stretches and can never go back. I think that is why so many women see their bodies differently after a session.

Bondage can be a very stylized image. Usually when we do it, it’s for a curious client. It’s a photo experience where the woman is in total control of not just the experience, of directing it, but also of the image being created. We have plastic chains that photographically look imposing but when linked on the playful,plastic nature of them is really evident to the wearer. After all, we got them originally from a Bay store display.

When Sally tried a mock struggle the links broke apart to her horror, then laughter.

Terry brought in her policeman husband’s handcuffs. She thought it would be fun to do a spoof with his gear since he was going from plain clothes back to uniform. He had no idea of her plans, so when he could not find the key he suggested if she gets locked up in them to call his partner to come by to unlock them. She had a quick flash of the nude nature of the situation then insisted they find the key.

Mostly the women we photograph are breaking their boundaries, freeing themselves of all sorts of conventional imagery of themselves.

For them 50 Shades of Fantasy is a real world experience that they design and desire. They can be very racy or teasing. Go from fully buttoned up properness to skimpy and daring to scandalous. We can cloak them in deep shadows that whisper of moody drama, or surround them in a set so light and airy that the sense of delicateness almost makes them feel fragile.

Bondage can be different and fun though. Hollie had always objected to bondage. She explained that her impression of it, with cracked leather and rusted manacles clashed with her version of stylish things to wear. I said, oh, well we could use strings of pearls instead. She laughed then went hmmm. Months later she called to book a new session. All bondage she requested, she had $120,000 of bondage items she would bring.

I was puzzled because of her style stance and, well, that was a lot of bondage stuff for that money. When she arrived a small case held the expensive items. Before she opened it she explained, the pearls had triggered a thought. She would not mind being tied up with cultured pearls from Japan, or silk scarfs from China, as long as she got to keep them. Her boyfriend, a world traveler, began picking up her tie downs.

50 Shades of Fantasy; I like being on this side of the circle. It’s still bold and daring, risqué and racy. Tame but not tamed. It’s a place in the circle of life where women become more of themselves, not less. It’s where women get brighter, more colorful, or rather, less grey.

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Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.