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Are You Average or Beautiful?

 Two doors to enter, but you have to choose. One is labeled Average; the other Beautiful. There is no one influencing you on your choice.

 Which would you walk through? Pause for a moment; think about it; your choice.

 These doors did exist, as a social experiment. You can see the video results, along with short comments of how the subjects felt about the choice they made. There are some smile moments when a mom pulls her daughter over to the Beautiful door. You can see the Choose to be Beautiful Link here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DdM-4siaQw


 It struck me; I am the pre-beauty door. Well, the results of my photography are the Pre Beautiful door. The process, the experience, connects women with insights into their beauty. The final images become proof or physical validation of the insights.

 After a session every one would boldly, without hesitation, stride through the Beautiful Door with full assurance they belong in there. They had seen themselves, perhaps clearly for the first time, as beautiful. Which is very different from seeing oneself as perfect or imperfect, although I think many believe beautiful and perfect to be the same thing.

 I believed beautiful was thought of as a universal standard, that when something is labeled beautiful, then all would agree. Of course, its not, that is likely an inferred state from marketers who want to create the illusion of one standard to sell or influence us.

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 One woman’s experiment with worldly beauty views dramatically revealed the difference. She had a number of different country’s experts retouch her image into their view of beauty. No two images looked the same.

 Suzie spoke for many women I had photographed. She often looked at her book of images to remind herself that she was beautiful.  When she thought of herself as beautiful, it empowered her, amped up her confidence, made her fearless. For her, her session became the new mirror of how she saw herself.

 I also get women in who are here to celebrate themselves, to create a milestone marker of this moment. Like Terrie, they arrive full of zest, wild ideas, uninhibited, brimming with confidence of what their bodies look like right now. Most times they do not look like a magazine cover girl. Yet, the first reaction most people had to Terrie’s images was “Stunning”!


 Cassandra asked me what my recipe was for my portrait creations when they were for gifts. I explained that if we can put on paper how those that love her see her, then the images will be beautiful. The bonus of course was that then she could also see how they saw her as beautiful.

 In her viewing, with her husband, he did not find I had done anything remarkable. I had her in focus and lit well, but as he explained she was already breathtaking so I was just recording that. Cassandra thought the opposite, so she asked him, “Is this how you really see me?” He nodded. “Well, no wonder you are always chasing me around the bedroom!”

 The challenge with the media is they really don’t want women to see themselves as beautiful. Women who see themselves as average can continually be exploited on the quest of becoming beautiful. That is where the money is.

 All women are beautiful, none are average, once they find that reflection; that truth, it will never leave them. That is why you should always walk through the Beautiful door. The most common comment when women walk through our studio is they remark at how the women on the walls are everyday women, who all look amazing. They glow. They radiate. But they are so real.

 Our website portfolio reveals the same thing. Everyone can project that, can see they are beautiful.

 So, every door you come to, walk through it like it is the Beautiful Door, that you chose that door. You will feel different every time you do.


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.