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Best Nude Photograph Goes To . . .

One my client’s thrills seeing their image win a professional photography competition. It’s a huge leap from stepping gingerly in front of my camera for their first nude portrait. Imagine her amazement, remembering how nervous she was just talking about doing a suggestive nude to celebrating a winning image seen by thousands.

Now, I love winning print competitions. The real thrill, more than the trophies, is appreciating where the image came from. All of our nude or figure study awards are from regular photo sessions, regular women. Unlike some photographers, I don’t gather up a team of models, makeup artists and designers to create a winning image.

Our clients arrive with very personal reasons for their session; it’s just for them. Partners may see them, may even be part of the process but they do it for themselves. Often, their hope is to get at least one image that they really like. They are not expecting the abundance of images they fall in love with. We actually guarantee that will happen.

It does not begin as competition entry.

All great art begs to be seen though. The creator of any art has an internal urge to share. Now here is the thing; I am not completely the creator of my images. At best I am a co-author. My clients become my creative partners, my co-artists.


We are creating very personal, intimate art that speaks deeply to my client. There is a journey of discovery and growth in the making of any art. It is always a thrill to watch my clients evolve over the course of their experience. Emerging more confident, more aware; more appreciative of their bodies.

We both pour heart and soul into capturing honest images that resonate deeply. That reveals who they are and celebrates both their figure as well as their spirit.

That is why our images do so well at so many competitions. They speak, they reveal, they tell a story that touches viewers. Sometimes those viewers are judges so we win. That is cool for us.

It is also a keen privilege to be allowed to share the results of our collaborations with the world. For an image to be entered in a contest or even displayed in our studio or website, our clients have to give us permission. It is always exciting when they do.

That is how the images here ended as trophy images. Collette, gripping the rusted chain was the latest prize on the shelf. Her image was juried from thousands to hang in an England show last month. Along with the other juried images over 17,000 people viewed the collection over 5 days. There was a story behind Collette’s image, a story behind every image that has been entered, that is why the judges embraced them

Isn’t that a thrill?

When you are sitting in a hushed awards hall as the presenter walks up to the mike, envelope in hand, you hold your breath. Behind your, your image is among the other contenders. They are all amazing. She pauses, opens the sealed envelope, then says, “The Best Nude Image goes to . . .”

You hear your name; the world stops for a moment.


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.