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Bring Clothes to a Nude Photo Shoot?

This might seem a little like polar opposites. After all, one seems to exclude the other – clothed or nude – covered up or totally uncovered. Yet, there is clothing that really works with the nude approach.

Clothing or outfits or even scraps of cloth help tell the story, extend an illusion or hide things.

Skimpy lingerie is the most obvious. Jane brought in a fake jewel bra that was more decoration than support or coverage. Sarah came with very complicated leather strips that crisscrossed over her body but never covered anything up. Of course thin sheer outfits reveal the nude figure below more than it hides it, a tantalizing effect.


Some lingerie opens up so it can cover arms, drape over a tummy to hide it but showcase everything else. The sheer robes do a great job of this. The viewer hardly notices anything of interest is being hidden.

A favorite we discovered by accident is the trench coat. For our sessions, we suggest clients arrive with nothing on underneath their clothing. Some have been arriving in trench coats, naked underneath. Betty had stopped at a grocery story to pickup some fruit and vegetable props; her theme was rude food based on her chef husband’s favorite book. Going out in only a calf length trench coat and heels was an unexpected rush she told me.

But the coat was really cool, lots of texture, buckles and snaps. I propped it open so it became very revealing then worked it with some very moody directional light. The one we did with Betty in her coat remains a favorite.

Along the same line are work clothes. Like many clients, Sandi brought along her husband’s work overalls to her shoot. As she slowly unzipped it, her slender figure was revealed. We did a whole series of her doing a striptease.


We’ve done a lot with husband/boyfriend’s ties. They can be loosely tied lain to hide, tantalize or show off an intimate zone. Mandy’s husband loved his power ties. So we did two images. In one, the office version, she was covered from collarbone to mid thigh in draped ties. In his home office version we removed a few of the strategically placed ties. Whenever he looked at his office photograph in his mind he saw the home version.

Of course the wet shirt is really exciting. We do a lot of that in our Wet n Wild sessions.  Sheer works the best and we have a line of colored shirts just for that purpose.

Not often thought of are clothes to bring that are purposed as a prop rather than attire. Susie brought along her very elegant wedding dress on a mannequin. Her lingerie draped over a chair, she loved her heels so she wore them. In the session Susie was posed around the upright dress, doing some makeup application to the side.


The outfits that are the most fun are the ones that are unexpected. Chaps without jeans create a great bum shot and a surprise front shot. Sometimes the unexpected outfit is strands and strands of pearls. They don’t have to be real of course, the camera cannot tell the difference.

Of course there are some nude sessions where outfits just don’t fit, like body sculptures or silhouettes.

Our sessions are 2 to 4 hours long. So we can do a nice mix of images too. We have done images that are used for politician’s campaign posters, Linkedin, Facebook and business card shots. Tara had great secrey amusement in the use of her head shot for a prestigious presentation. She used only the head that she pulled from a shot that from the shoulders up looked pretty proper but was scandalous below that. Like Caron, you can do a mix of nudes and boudoir in your session. She talks about her experience in her Revealing Your Inner Beauty story.

One thing bringing clothes to a nude shoot helps with is nerves. Most people approach getting a nude done with some anxiety but by bringing some outfits along they feel if they lose their nerve, they can still get great images dressed in something.

So yes, bring some outfits to your session with us, we can have some fun with them. It is not as polar opposite as you might imagine.


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