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Confidence Is A Slippery State Of Mind

Confidence is a tricky thing; it can vanish so easily. One of my coaches treats it as the Holy Grail. With it anything can be accomplished: dream and people will follow.

Confidence is to be nurtured, protected then projected. One of the ways to do this is to tackle something that scares you. When that fear is vanquished an elevated confidence stands in the same space. One trainer explained it as speed bumps or hills.

When you are in the flow, full of big confidence you would stride over speed bumps or hills. Barely noticing them in your fluid journey to your goal. Lose it or have it lessened then the first jarring bumps that badly shake things up are suddenly not bumps or even mole hills; they are mountains.

Soaring, insurmountable peaks stopping you cold in your tracks.

Watching confidence being born or grow is such a thrill. I see it in my students as their photography skills grow. They get bolder, more daring.  They also get comfortable with failure.

In a way, that is what confidence is, being comfortable with failure. With testing boundaries then noticing . . . Hey . . . still alive here, whichever way it went.

Adventures are the biggest creators of confidence.

bikini woman posed by mark laurie of inner spirit photo

Which is where I get to watch my clients leap into the abyss with the belief they can fly. It turns out being photographed for most people is right up there with root canals and public speaking. Apparently someone has measured these things.

Planning to do nudes or risqué images is a magnifier of that feeling.

Of course, you don’t leap into that abyss until you are sure someone is going to be looking after you. It occurs to me that the first stage of ramping up confidence is being surrounded by people you trust; it would be foolhardy otherwise. Would you really leap out of a plane if you felt the skydive instructor wasn’t going to look after you?

At Inner Spirit Photography, that critical ingredient is one we provide.

There are lots of adventures that will instill confidence. I can best speak on what photography does for the women I have photographed. It is pretty amazing.

We have so many stories of women turning a photography adventure into a tangible confidence build. Especially the nudes; I guess that is the boldest leap.

There was a speaker I met telling me of the course he took to improve his confidence on the stage. At the end of the program the instructor invited everyone in the course to present their final speech nude. He told his students it would be transforming. My friend wanted the full value of the course so this pudgy man got naked in the wings, then strode out to give his best oration.

No crowd can scare him now.

We had a client telling us how she used her experience. She had gotten so comfortable with being bold that by the end of her session she was embracing nude portraits. Back in the corporate world her new system of evaluation was this: Was X more or less scary than being elegantly photographed nude? She told me nothing had come close to being scarier, freeing her to fully embrace whatever X was.

I can see the change in women as the confidence takes hold. Our most popular session is 4 hours long, so the evolution arc is very visible.

bikini woman behind floatable chair in confidient pose by mark Laruie of Inner Spirit Photography

One client arrived so full of nerves she could barely be coherent. By the end she almost forgot to dress before she left.

What is interesting is that most of our clients have mixed reasons for coming to us. Some outright exclaim they are here for the confidence boost. Some find it a surprise as they create a personal gift for someone else or themselves. I think some come in not knowing that their subconscious wants to find reinforcing confidence.

So many return to their images often, be it books or wall prints, for a reminder dose of how bold they can be.

My book Revelations – How Going Risqué Made These Women Bolder & Braver While Feeling Sexier puts that out there in their own words. It is remarkable to read how powerful the photography is in their revealing stories.

We create this space that feels so safe that doing something bold in it is easy. It is a warm and fuzzy net to leap into.

The first thing you should know is confidence is an acquired thing; you can grow it and build on it. You find or create situations that deliver that to you.

You can reinforce your confidence with triggers that remind you of your boldest moments. For my clients that is their photo books, albums or wall prints.  They talk about it. Few things are more bolstering to your confidence than having several people tell you they could never do that.

Being confident creates a mental vision to your self; of who you are, how you overcome things.

Being confident gets you everywhere. It is the core of pretty much any endeavor you want to accomplish.

The bonus of a photography session choice, is you get these amazing images to go with the experience that delivers you confidence.

We offer a powerful dose of confidence! If you would like some, contact us.

Photoshop takes a cool image of a woman to the next level.

 by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photo.

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