Boudoir portrait of a woman eating fire, as part of the Fierce Women Eat Fire Naked project by photographer Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography studio, Calgary, Alberta.

Can you imagine slipping into a shiny corset, then ten minutes later slipping a 10 inch flame into your mouth?

How about sitting on a mirror in a pitch-dark room when a ball of fire ignites just behind you then circles you?

This is what Jen did as we started our tests for the Fierce Women Eat Fire Naked book project.  At one point she did exclaim that she was freaking out, but she never wavered.

Boudoir portrait of a woman surrounded by fire, as part of the Fierce Women Eat Fire Naked project by photographer Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography studio, Calgary, Alberta.The images were amazing, but it was fascinating to look at the image sequences; you can see her confidence grow frame by frame.

The really big things that you fear are best approached together with people you trust. Jen had Cyan, our fire master, walking her through the steps, and she was also surrounded by my team.  Cyan took her through a quick process, then the flames.

Now, the fire-swallowing can represent any fear you have – anything that you want to face down, then own the feeling that follows.

Not even a singe.

Can you imagine how powerful that is? You can take the energy of that, then use it to face nearly anything.

The mind always compares things to gauge whether it should fight or flee. So it considers events like the fire eating – or for most of my clients, nude or lingerie photography – and goes “that was scary to start, but I got through it, this is not as scary, I can get through it, too.”

Each time you conquer a fear, you are that much more empowered.  Each time it is easier.

We were recently boating in the fog off the shore of Vancouver Island. Deb was getting her sea legs in her new sailboat. It was rigged so that one person could operate it, so it was only her and her dog sailing through the thick fog.

She phoned her friend and yelled, “I don’t like it!” He said, “You can do this.”

She yelled back, “I know I can do this; I don’t like it!” You had to hear her voice as she tells the story.  As we left two days later, it was out into the fog again. I asked how she was doing. “Easy,” she said, “I’ve beaten this before.”

We hear that so much from our clients as they leave their sessions.  It’s never as hard as it first appears. But it is always more empowering than they could imagine!

So please tell me in the comments area below: what has empowered you?

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Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.