Demi Lovato Strips Her Makeup Off- On Camera
Should We Care?

It is an interesting concept, close up on Demi as she strips her makeup off of her famous face. It doesn’t end with that though, her hair comes out, her fancy clothes come off, even her rings.

Transform from super star to average 25 year old.

It is remarkable.

It is the “Age of Transparency”

Actually that is her video title: Unfiltered: A Pop Star Makeunder in the Age of Transparency.

It is a short video, extremely well done; it’s kinda fun. Even has that new handle – Makeunder.

She is not alone. A bit back Alicia Keys started going out to red carpet events, even her TV show The Voice, without makeup. She did explain she was not against makeup, just not always. The person that started it all, even started the no Photoshop on top of that movement, was Kim Kardashian.

Her photographer really wished he had known that before he put up a tattered paper background.

Is this just “STAR” stuff or does it really matter?

It is one thing for a 25 year old, even perhaps a 32 year old to boldly do. For most it is more of a different look.

It does matter though. Below that buzz is an authenticity; an embrace of the natural, some say real. I think there is a strong message for young women, even older women still finding themselves or questioning things.

In our studio we have seen the changing values. A growing number of women being photographed are choosing no makeup or makeup, natural style, but no retouching. We get requests to leave scars in, most do want cellulite removed though. Interesting.

Back to Demi though, one of the reasons her video does work, her message or statement is respected is because she has told her story, most know her background. That emerges constantly as a supporter for the average person, of body rights, of facing challenges.

So back to my title question, should we care?

I believe so. Her voice is being joined by many, so many, slightly different, perhaps with different purpose but it is emerging. A voice is telling girls, women; perhaps even men, a new narrative. It is wholesome.

It is given momentum by the stars, the influencers, the leaders. To be fair a good leader or influencer has sensed where the wind it going or could go then get out in front of it. They become the signposts that we are only barely aware that we are drifting to.

The message is wholesome. I don’t think it is anti glamour, or ban makeup message. I believe it is just adding a dimension, an awareness that the mask can come off. It’s ok if it does. You can have both.

This is what we explore in our photography sessions, different sides of a woman. A safe place to experiment, test their looks. For many to try out being bold for the first time. I love watching the evolution.

Perhaps we should try a regular girl stripping her makeup off, going for the Makeunder look. That would be fun.

Read the whole Vogue article here

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.


  • I love the, "make under look' concept. I too am seeing more and more women (especially on TV) go natural than being so done up with makeup.


  • she looks beautiful with out her makeup why dose she even where it


    • often the case. Makeup on or off, is always the woman's choice, it is what they want to do with their canvas.