milk splash on nude woman with sword Copyright Mark Laurie, Inner Spirit Photo

Dipped In Silver – Doused In Milk – You Will Be Amazed At Why

It had been 10 years since we last photographed her. She had just turned 40 then and we created some incredible images for her milestone moment. Now she was fifty, so this session had to be bigger. The ideas were flying back and forth when out of the dust emerged milk splashes and silver dipping of her nude body.

Can you imagine watching your body disappearing into a silver encasing? Head to toe; everything . . . hair, toenails even eyelashes, all silver until you look like the Silver Surfer. Your body shimmers like a mirror, a liquid version of your body.


But imagine before that, you spend a few hours having large cups of cold milk thrown at you. Just as each wave of the chilly white liquid splashes on your nude body a blinding high speed flash bursts off from all directions. Yet you have to remain frozen in position until all the glasses have been emptied.

This is one way to turn 50. Mark the moment with something extraordinary, a conversation stopper. Make it day of outrageous adventure.

Some would say you were crazy, until they saw the images. The images transcend the day. You have become not just the art in the final image, but the art that helped shape and define itself. You become an active participant in the creation of a milestone memory.



You don’t just slide unnoticed past the half century point. Five decades needs to be celebrated, I guess that is why it is called the Jubilee Year.

I love creating milestone markers; some call them Rites of Passage. It is a busy world these days but for some things, you need to pause, notice the moment, create a memory that the whole year can hang on, be rooted in. This is what milestone markers do, especially photographs; they are bigger than the moment.

When you look at the photograph it brings back not just the moment of the photograph but the memory of what else was interacting with your life at that time.

The morning of splashing milk was like that. Each splash became frozen as it raced over her body. She did not move so her body became perfectly registered for the composition. We took all the best splashes from each pose, combined them into wet clothing. It is both dramatic and dynamic.

Her silver woman version was so fascinating we created a book printed in Italy, to go with a wall collection. In the middle of the book she is holding a birthday cake with 50 years on it.


Powerful photographs are full of symbols that connect personally and intimately with us. That is why they become treasured.

Marking milestones also makes our lives more interesting. Makes us more interesting. People have questions, especially because most people don’t stop to mark these moments. They want to know about it. They want to see the images, hear the stories behind them and share their own.

It may be a private moment for you. Still just as important on a highly personal level, perhaps even more treasured because of that.

Whatever your milestone and there are lots of different ones, you should be outrageous for a few, for the really big ones. You should do something that is noteworthy, maybe even scary at first. After all, you are breaking out of your box, so do it with gusto and brilliance.

You only get to mark a milestone once, make it count. She sure did.

By the way, this also marks our 100th blog post. In a way we are being outrageous with her.


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.