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Empowerment In Their Words

 “Thank you for an unexpectedly fun and empowering experience.”  Tina

 Some times the best words to write about what a nude or boudoir experience is like, or how it felt, is to hear directly from the women who have been there. Nearly all started out nervous, hopeful and excited. Their reasons for having such a risqué portrait vary wildly but usually it is for themselves.

 With these quotes copied from their messages, notice in the comment more of how they see their own changes or a revised version of themselves.


 So here are some the notes they have left with us.

 From Trina P.:“This entire experience was so pleasant and inspiring. I’ve always wanted to do something like this and now that I have, I feel more confident, sexy and that all my hard work has paid off.  . . . I am so appreciative of what he’s done for me. I‘m sure my boyfriend will want to be thanking him as well!

 Now I have something to look back on as I get older and I’m proud that I’ve become the type of woman who could do this. It was a once in a lifetime experience!”

 From Sue H.:“At a very special time in my life I decided to explore my inner strength only to meet Mark who not only provided me passage but presented to me the beauty that I was unaware I possessed, was most special.

 A remarkable experiment and unquestionably, Mark is a remarkable individual. “


 It is very rewarding to hear the women I have photographed talk about how the experience was life changing.  Especially when their images create a surprise reflection of how beautiful and brave they are. I can see the birth of the changes over the span of our photography session.

 I have noticed the more risks they take in the session, the more remarkable the changes appear. I think the mind acknowledges the risk and the associated conquered fear then frames that when it considers how to approach their next fear. I believe the mind marks each conquered fear as the new high water mark to what can scare them.

 From Carla K.:“A life changing experience, thank you Jan and Mark for making me feel beautiful!  You have created a safe comfortable place for individuals to explore exciting new possibilities for themselves!!”


 From Tina L.:“Thank you for an unexpectedly fun, empowering experience!”

 Empowering, life changing, seeing my own beauty for the first time; these are common comments that are made after the rush of the experience. It is amazing the mix of women who feel this change. They’re all ages, shapes, job positions, and in relationships or not.

 The cool thing with photographs; prints, books or wall pieces is that they become a visual reference point that reinforces the experience. The portraits become shareable, even if it’s just with that one person they are close to. This amplifies the reinforcement of the successful experience.

 This holds true for any event that alters our view of our abilities and ourselves.

 If you are ready for some empowerment, fear conquering or just a discovery of your own beauty, going boldly risqué could be your ticket to a new you.


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.