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Even Guys Get Naked

It’s not as common as women going nude for the camera. Interestingly, like the women that come to our studio mostly they do it for themselves. Although for a good number it’s at the urging, requesting and some times a demand from their lovers!

The men replace woman’s lingerie with open jeans, silk boxers, or just long tailed shirts.

You might be surprised but most guys are more nervous to step out even partially clothed in front of a photographer’s lens.


While the young guys have all the in-demand attributes, the abs, thick hair and so on, the regular guys have character and some do have good bodies. But what they really have is wives and girlfriends that love them pretty much as they are.

The stories of their sessions are just as interesting though.

Steve wanted to create a romantic book for his wife. His theme was to be a Barbarian. He had his outfit already made up. Now Steve cut a great figure with a trim and muscled body. He had made his loincloth out of fake fur, 1.5 inches deep, even had a belt and calf high boots. Sadly a fake fur loincloth looks a lot like a diaper. Helen chuckled as she chose his nude images over the loin clothed ones.

Tommy was the most out of the closet gay guy I have photographed. I don’t think anyone has had more fun creating elaborate sets and characters to match as he did. My sides hurt from laughing so much. I was never clear if the images were mostly for himself or someone else.

Rick was the president of a new home construction firm up north. He was very shy with a powerful build, very rugged. HIs wife had mentioned how she would enjoy a photo of him because he traveled so much. He loved her more than his fear of the camera. While he had this wicked physique to photograph he was very humble about it.

His wife was speechless for several days about it. She called me up to thank us. Nancy told me how she had tried to get him to sit even for her efforts to get a photo with no luck. So, this book was a huge hit.


 Jerry came in explaining the last time his wife and him had had a serious argument she had come to us to create a makeup nude photobook for him. This time he thought he should do one for her. His favorite set was the Harley we had on loan from Calgary Harley Davidson. It was a color he had never seen.

He liked the bike so much that a few days later he bought it. I could not get Calgary Harley to share the commission though!

Some of the guys come in wanting photos for themselves for pretty much the same reasons as our women do. They are often as concerned as women about the perception of a book with images of them in it.

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It fades pretty fast once their books are viewed. The reactions are overwhelmingly positive.

The photography industry has not settled on a name for this niche of male photography. Hunk photos, Bro Boudoir, Male Landscapes then finally the current favorite: Dudoir. I think these are handles favored by women rather than men though.

It is taking off, in New York a few photographers have found it has overwhelmed all other offerings so much they do this exclusively. The result of popular demand.

Sometimes it is a spin off or part of a passionate couples session. After all, she has him there already, time to take advantage of it.

If you have a guy you would like to see in the all together, get him over to us. He can help enlarge this new niche of men getting equal glamour time!


Posted by: Mark Laurie

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