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Every step of the way.

My stomach turned into a tight little knot as I drive to the studio, it’s unsettling, and yet exciting. My mind ran over and over the images from the website.  My throat grew tight, I could feel a small tentacles of panic slither over me. Was I really going to do this?

There was a tsunami of emotions that I went through when booking, then doing my photo shoot. I talked myself into then out of my session hundreds of times.I came up with every excuse: “I hate any photo of myself”, “This is just going to be a waste of money”, “I‘m going to be uncomfortable”, “What if this isn’t what I signed up for?”.

I was sure that I was the only person ever to have felt such an array of emotions about doing a photo session. I wished I had the confidence of the women on the website, but I didn’t; I wasn’t like them. They were radiant, so beautiful with a hint of playfulness. They were the epitome of seduction and innocence; so . . . well . . . powerful.

But that wasn’t me. I don’t look like that.

I doubted creating a good image of me was even possible, come on, I’ve got mirrors in my home. Pulling out a camera is the best way to make me run and hide, I was revolted at any image of myself.

As i tried to address my physical concerns, Mark  never wavered; he just grinned as he told me they Guaranteed even how I would feel during the session and ordering experience.  (Seriously was he looking at me?)

I knew Mark had been doing this for a long time, but I was pretty sure that from the neck down there was no way to make me look good.

But I did it. Why? NO Risk. Nearly all his Guarantees ended with a refund, or a redo of the session.

The session was designed around me, and my experience was guaranteed every step of the way. I knew this before; but just didn’t understand exactly how much these guarantees really covered.

It took me three years to go through my photography experience, 3 years. I had meant to call like my husband had asked. I had planned when i lose the weight I would do it But the weight never left. Even though it took me 3 years….they were still more than happy to honor my session. and would have it it had taken 6 or 12. The session truly Never expired. And no session purchased at inner spirit ever dose.

During my consultation with mark as I was sure I was going to die of panic and dread, he reminded me that if Inner Spirit was the the company for me and i canceled my session they would refund my money.

I did go through with the experience as you know and it was amazing. It truly helped me embrace myself and changed my life. in ways i can’t even describe. I never could have known how much of an impact a photo session would have, on me as a wife , a woman and a mother, in my career and at  home. I have been able to grow and change so much. All because of some Photos and Marks over the top Guarantees, to help you every step of the way.


Posted by: Emily S

I am a wife, mother, and mechanic. I came to Inner Spirit as a client and now am helping women like myself come through this amazing experience.

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  • You have the most amazing smile. I hope I can let you know that you are a very beautiful lady without it sounding creepy. Thanks for sharing your story.