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From The Heart

I have noticed two things, there is wave after wave of bad news, and we are all attending a lot of zoom meetings, both personal and professional.

Sprinkled in with the tide of heavy heart news is sparkles of hope. People are sharing funny, heartwarming; not just coming across it, but creating it.

In that vein, I came across Maude Bombardier of the Laughing Hour, whose motto is it is Fun O’clock somewhere. Reminds me of the “it’s five o’clock somewhere” drinking song.

Maude’s business, her calling actually, is sharing with people both the power and healing of humor, of laughing. I did not know that laughing actually strengthens your immune system.

In this day, where your immune system is so critical, that is good to know and do.

Maude has a psychology degree, along with a personal study into the science side of the benefits of humor. I did not know you can change your laugh.

I thought Maude is just what we needed to find balance, she became the heart and start of my FREE From the Heart Masterclass webinar on Tuesday.

She is my kickoff speaker, April 14, at 2:00 pm.

Please check it out.

Bee Beard, Fashion Stylist / Image Consultant to Athletes, CEOs, Celebrities, and the regular person shares on Wednesday.

Posted by: Mark Laurie

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