He Sold His Treasured Comic Books For Her Nude Image.

I have lots of stories where husbands or boyfriends have done something extraordinary at the viewing of their partner’s images. It is often a very magical time. Lots of very moving moments suddenly appear. This story memory was triggered as I watched fans trading comic books.

So, if you don’t have a valuable comic collection, imagine you own a collection of rare and valuable comics; comics you have owned and treasured for a long time, what would move you to sell one or two? I overheard two comic collectors debate this at this year’s Calgary Expo.

It brought back the memory of what one comic collector did.

We were viewing my client Sara’s images. It was her second viewing. She had like so many that she had rapidly exceeded her budget. At this second viewing she had brought her husband Tom. He was her numbers guy so she was pretty sure he would help her pare her image collection down budget.

She was not expecting his reaction or his solution. They meant the world to. It brought her personal value of the session experience to a whole new memorable level.

After I had brought up her choices Tom asked if he could see the others, her images in the A, B and Maybe lists. He kept on finding gems that amazed him Sara had cut.

Reviewing this expanded collection, a reclining pose came up, he leapt out of his chair, startling poor Sara it was so unexpected and abrupt, “This one is amazing, it has to be large on our wall, it has to be!” Pointing to the largest image on display he went on, “ It has to be that size, it would look incredible on our wall in that size!”

Sara pulled Tom back into chair his whispering, “That is beyond our budget, you are not helping.”

But he was on an excited roll, “So how much,” he asked turning to me standing up again, “for that image in that size and the rest in a book?”

After the answer he paused in thought then saying just a minute he suddenly left, pulling out his phone on the way.

In about 10 minutes he returned, all satisfied smiles. Dropping happily into his chair Tom exclaimed, “It’s all good, we will take those.”

Sara was bewildered, asking how. Smiling at her, Tom replied, “The Thor and the two Spiderman.” Then grinned bigger as his phone rang again.

After he left to answer it Sara turned to me.

“He has had those forever, they are his prized passion, I can’t believe he did that.” Her eyes just glowed.

Tom probably found out how much that action meant to Sara when they got home. It went far beyond the transaction; it spoke to his values, of her importance to him.

Thor and two Spiderman, in a gesture he did not realize how grand or moving it was. For Sara that moment became her transforming moment.

We have been told how moving and transforming the photographic experience we provide is. Their images build on that, serving to anchor the memory of the day. The images become a reminder of how bold and amazing they are.

For me it is also really cool when part of that enriches relationships. When it opens doors of revelations.

Tom parting with three of his most treasured comics, his most valued possessions, for something he valued even more, is exciting to watch. For me that becomes a treasured memory of my own.

What would you trade for her? What do you think he would trade for you?

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.