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He Was Shocked to See His Shy Wife Nude At the Restaurant

And other stories

 She was one of the shyest women I had photographed. For her husband’s milestone birthday she wanted an outrageous, unexpected gift. Her girlfriend had joked she should jump naked out of a cake at the restaurant. That seems like too much of a Hollywood movie thing, but naked and restaurant stuck.

 When she booked her dinner table she gave the Maître d’ a box. She explained he should seat her husband with his back to the wall and deliver the box before dessert. Don’t look in the box, big tip if it’s delivered with a flourish.

roxy in grunge frame It was delivered with great exuberance, to a totally taken aback and stunned husband. She had cleverly found a way to jump naked out of a box at the restaurant. Her husband still talks about not just the photograph he received, but the experience of her delivery.

 A young Romanian singer was having us create her “American Style” album cover. Somehow that vision was to be nude on a Harley with a snake discreetly covering her.  Though committed to her vision, she was terrified of snakes, scared of big bikes and had never been nude in a photo shoot. She was very sweet, very shy but very determined to get this image.

 Calgary Harley Davidson loaned us a big, bad-assed Harley, Terrie brought in her 12 ft long Boa, (really sweet fellow named Bogie) and we were set. Our singer leaned against the Harley wearing only her spiked ‘n sparkly heels gazing up at the ceiling as we draped Bogie over breasts and hips. To her credit when we started clicking the camera, she gave us her most unconcerned and sensual smile.

 Being photographed nude usually starts off nerve racking but ends up exhilarating. Our clients often have girlfriends waiting eagerly somewhere dying to hear all about it. After 4 hours of so much fun one excited client, Carol, could barely wait to tell her friends all about it. She headed up the stairs wearing her heels, holding her small bag, totally forgetting she hadn’t gotten dressed. She collapsed at the top of the stairs laughing when it was pointed out.

 She did dress before she left.

 Jodie played an evil joke on her husband. We replicated the layout of Playboy’s Girls of . . . books. Putting her bio, nude images and suggestive quotes on matching page quality as the book. We inserted her images in the middle of the publication. She gave him the book as he headed out to his Toronto business trip. He thought it was an odd, but welcomed gift, no idea what lay inside.

 It was about midnight when he discovered her photo layout, calling to ask her if she knew she was in that edition. She had a lot of fun with him before she came clean that it was only in his copy.

 The only nude family portraits we have done were some years ago at various naturalist gatherings. Still we have had some surprises when doing families. A bit back we wrapped up a nice family portrait. The youngest daughter, a 20 year old, had been looking at some of sample books. A few minutes after the family had left the studio her mother came back in asking if I had time to photograph Tamera. She had become very excited about a bolder session, convincing her parents to give her her own session.  It was so spur of the moment; it was a blast, that she never even had a chance to get nervous.

 While her parents where waiting her dad convinced her mom she should come in too.

 I mentioned Terrie with her snake Bogie. Now I know snakes make some people nervous but we have gotten such a mix of critters in the studio it’s just another day in paradise. For her session Terrie had brought in two large snakes. I had her posed in our stone ruins with the smaller boa, Elroy. Bogie was a bit unsettled with the strange surroundings but when I brought him close to mom, he curled up with her and was happy. Until I fired the test flash, then he hid. Or rather he slipped his head into a dark hole, his body in plain view. After a few visits to the studio he did get used to the flash.

 I love sci-fi and fantasy things, so we have a lot of swords and ray guns etc. in our prop collection. Fran is always making up capes and costumes for the studio too. Cheryl, a nearly due expecting mom came in for her prenatal session. From a previous session a skimpy chainmail warrior bikini with swords was left out. Her eyes went huge when she saw it, she just lit up; this was her fantasy too. As she tried it on (it did fit) she asked if she could be photographed with full warrior outfit. After all she explained, Barbarian Warriors had to go prenatal sometime too. Interestingly she has not been the only prenatal warrior we have photographed.

 After 35 years of professionally photographing over 5,000 women spread over 2 continents and 10 countries I have lots of stories. Let me know if you would like to read some more.

 Even better, let me know if you have one you would like to share.


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