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Helping Heroines Give.

 Wow, lots of happy faces, glowing, as they pick up their images in time for Christmas giving. Many slyly tell us these gifts will be opened the night before. They are expecting great responses. Judging from the stories of women from previous Christmas giving, the gift response will be amazing.

 Not everyone is giving them to their lovers. For some this personal gift is for themselves. Susie made a snap change to her gift plans.

 Her book of nudes was too precious and personal to give to even her boyfriend. She loved it. His gift, she declared, would be the rights to come and view it whenever he wanted to!

 Tracy, one of the most elegant women we have ever photographed, was also one of the few we did completely dressed. She was so thrilled she booked additional sessions in the New Year. She was one of the many clients who had never looked good in any image of her taken over the years. She was thrilled with her images, her look. Next time she wants to be braver, the lingerie and nudes seem pretty appealing to her now that she knows how great she can look.

 Tracy has multiple sessions planned deep into the summer. She can’t wait.

 For some of our clients their gift remains wrapped through various customs checkpoints as it makes its way to someone in some exotic location. It is destined to be unwrapped the night of arrival, whenever that might be.

 We have had numerous 3AM calls in the past from excited lovers calling us with thanks. The guys are so thrilled they forget the time zone changes.  We think that is pretty cool. Although, ideally, I would have loved to be there with them, photographing their nudes in that exotic, warm, location.

 Our clients tell us how rare their gifts are. Nestled under the tree with other gifts that are mass productions. They feel these personal expressions are intimate in a direct connection way. They are truly one of a kind, things their lovers cannot possess if it wasn’t given.  A lot of nerve, even bravery, has to happen for each woman to step out of her comfort zone as she steps, usually nude, in front of my camera.

 We feel part of an engaging Christmas story, helping the Heroine with the perfect expression of herself gift-wrapped for the hero of her story. It is exciting for us, helping the Heroine. In all of the Heroine stories told, she evolves into something bigger, self-actualized, bolder and much braver.

 It is very cool to watch the transformations, the energy along with the amazement of what they have done. Carol called hers a miracle, which suits the season.

 It is wonderful to have been part of so many women’s lives, we are grateful to be woven into their stories. We are thrilled to have been the artists for such cherished and exciting gifts.

 Thank you all so much. It means the world that you chose us.

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Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.