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Her Pose – Not one But TWO thumbs up!

Every 2nd or third pose his thumbs came up. Sometimes they would rocket up for a few in a row.  She grinned every time.He was almost cheering he was so happy.

She had gotten bolder and braver, became more at ease with each outburst. She had started out nervous and unsure. At some point early in her session, right at the start, she had told him to give her a thumb up when he thought she looked good in a pose.

She laughed when he started giving her two. Just shook her head when his hands started to fly in the air. She felt like she was his whole home team scoring a tight goal.

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She went from nervous, even scared to reveling in her adventure. This was why she was doing this, to jump-start her confidence. It had been lagging with her post baby body look.  With every enthusiastic two thumbs up, her confidence jolted up.

She had gotten her first two thumbs up when she had slipped out of her layers of lingerie going into her first nude pose. She had not thought she could or would, do that, pose nude, or even be semi-nude for her photography adventure.  Looking at the camera’s back screen image, she exclaimed, “I look pretty good don’t I? I can’t believe that.”

She arched in the next one, two more thumbs came up. He loved it. She giggled.

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He of course was her husband.

Everyone needs a cheerleader.

Everyone deserves two thumbs up moments.

Husbands and boyfriends are rarely brought along; occasionally my client will bring a best friend in tow. Usually though they have told best friends what they are doing. Their faces always glow at least a little when they talk about the reaction to their body bearing planned adventure.

Often they leave the studio to meet up their friends to share they story. They all can’t wait to see the final images.

Two thumbs up; cheerleaders. Their unabashed reaction, cheering, to our boldest moves always empower us, it changes us.

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It reminds us we stepped out of our comfort zone, our safe place, left the box. That we did something not everyone could do, which friends often comment about.

I like being one of the cheerleaders, although one client told me I am more like a coach. Helping the women in front of my lenses find themselves and their strength.  That we have created a process that is so empowering, so safe it’s an easy place to be brave. They become different, stronger by the end of the session.

Watch for people who give you two big thumbs up, grin back at them; show off a little. It’s a fantastic moment, you will feel braver, bolder, even delighted with your self.

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