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Her Tattoo Told A Terrible Tale.

Her childhood, even her teen years, had been horrible. Many of the terrible things she endured had been at the hands of family members. Having them tattooed on her torso as a story had been her way to release the emotions, to find peace. She told me some of the images were raw and disturbing. She apologized for that, but her nude session was very important to her for several very personal reasons. Her ink depicted her milestones, her breakthroughs and her joys.

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It portrayed her journey.

As she removed her shirt she explained that I was the third person to have ever seen them. Only her husband and her doctor had, as the creator her artist had not counted. She kept it hidden because the family members were recognizable in them, exposing them was not her intent.

Her tattoo completely covered her torso and her arms. Each inked story blended into the next. To hide them she always wore a long sleeved shirt.


Her session was not to be dark though. She wanted images that reflected her peace, her power and strength. We were marking the threshold of another milestone with her. Still, the session was personal so her images are not revealed here, sorry.

Most tattoos have history behind them. I always enjoy knowing the story.

Sometimes my photography becomes the story, several husbands sport tattoos that are copies of my images photographed for that purpose. That is kinda cool for me.

Those with tattoos are in an interesting culture. Their tattoos bind them. I would love to hear your story.

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Posted by: Mark Laurie

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