Hollywood boudoir Hurrell BW Copyright Mark Laurie - InnerspiritPhoto.com, Calgary

When researching the history of boudoir imagery in popular culture, some classic images appear – ones that stay in your mind and force that thought of ‘oh I could never’ into ‘well, maybe’. Legend of light George Hurrell is responsible for creating the glamorous images of the Hollywood stars in the ’30s and ’40s.  He worked with just about everyone at MGM in its heyday, including iconic images of Jean Harlow, Veronica Lake and Jane Russell.

George Hurrell got his start when actress Norma Shearer was attempting to mold her wholesome image into something more glamorous and sophisticated, in an attempt to land the title role in the movie “The Divorcee”. She asked Hurrell to photograph her in poses more provocative than her fans (and, apparently, her husband) had ever seen before. After she showed these photographs to her husband, MGM production chief Irving Thalberg, he was so impressed that he signed Hurrell to a contract with MGM Studios, and wife Shearer to the lead role in The Divorcee!

Shortly after his retirement, Joan Collins (at 50) insisted Hurrell was the only photographer she would accept. Their 12 page nude layout became an instant success and bestseller.

George Hurrell succumbed to bladder cancer in 1992 and, upon hearing the news from his doctors that he had only a few days left, he famously said, “Well, the party is over. Time to go home.”

While our images might not land you a lead role in Hollywood film, or give you international recognition in Playboy, you will be treated like a Hollywood star from the moment you enter our door, and our glamour or boudoir shots will certainly make your husband stand up and applaud.

Posted by: Mark Laurie

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