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How A Gift Card Changed A Woman’s Life

 Gift Cards are interesting gifts. Some people think they are gifts you buy when you have absolutely no idea what the recipient wants. Others suggest it is a lazy way to give a gift, not personal or insightful.

 Some gift cards, like ours, can be a bold thing to give.

 Before I tell you this story about how a gift card changed a woman’s life,I want to assure you this is not a sales pitch to buy a card. We and no doubt your recipient would be thrilled but my purpose is more to share how unexpected gifts do magical things this time of year.


 When Tom bought the session gift card for his wife he told me his wife, Sarah, would never buy this for herself. Usually when we hear that it is from a husband or boyfriend who really wants nude images of their love. Often, they have not thought if it’s what she would really want.

 When Sarah came in for her planning session she was quite emotional about it. He had not bought it hoping for visual delights. When he gave it to her it came with a long, very heartfelt letter. An outpouring of how he saw her, both inside and out. It explained how he really wanted her to see herself as he and others who loved her did.

 Tom had clearly spent a lot of time refining his expression of this. He had not trusted himself to say it right, or he had admitted to her, gotten through it in front of her.


 In his eyes she glowed. She had the perfect figure with the perfect personality slipped inside.

 He had removed our cute little packaging, and glued the card to the bottom of his letter.

 He wanted it to look harmless, inviting; something easily embarked upon.

 That is the trick with gift cards, you can give them but the person getting them may not ever use them; especially if it a bit scary to do so.

 She explained to me that the reason she would never have done this before was because she did not believe she was photogenic enough, bold or brave enough. She had no confidence in herself or how she looked.


 That he believed she did amazed her. He believed if she could just see herself as he did her confidence would blossom, she would step into herself.

 She read his letter and believed it was possible, that she was possible.

 Just before she called to book her planning session, she read his letter. Just before she came to see us she read his letter. Parked in front of our studio home, to get the nerve to get out of the car, she read his letter.

 She came to the door clutching it.

 It never left her hand the whole time we talked. Like she was holding his hand, or perhaps he was holding hers.

 She was there on faith, his faith, that she could see in herself what he did.

 I never read the letter. She never quoted what was in it.


 This, Tom had told her, was all about her and her journey to find herself. He never came to the viewing session, although he dropped her off, as I recall.

 She cried at a few of her images. It took awhile for her to stop referring to the woman up on the screen as if she was someone else. You could see a change in her posture when the beautiful woman on the big screen became her.

 When she saw not just her own beauty but how he saw her, she changed. It was like magic watching the transformation.

 She got a large wall image to accompany her album of memories. The wall was her reminder, a new mirror to really see herself.

 I know not all gift cards can do this, even at Christmas time. Even our gift cards don’t do this to this level every time.

 But, it is really cool to watch when it happens.

 I hope the Christmas gifts you are finding hold this kind of magic for the person dear to you.





Posted by: Mark Laurie

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