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How Her Photograph Came To Dominate Her Life.

There is a tsunami wave of pictures that wash over us every day, nearly every moment. Most live in front of you for the few seconds or less it takes to notice them; then comes the next. Bad, Great, Different . . . they swirl in then swirl out.

Then, unexpectedly, one sticks; a connected recollection resonates. It becomes more than a picture. It becomes an anchor to a moment that you return to, get power from; going to it becomes a ritual.

Here are some short stories, snippets if you will, of a few of our clients that have found this.

Sue had commissioned a mom and daughter portrait. She was a single mom, Peggy was preteen; they were tight buddies. With teenage years looming she knew that would be tough to keep. Their portrait was their perfect moment. Their first confrontation happened below their favorite wall image. In the heat, the peak of that moment Peggy looked up at the image; she asked her mom “We still love each other don’t we?” “Deeply”, mom replied. That refocused them to find a compromise.


After that every delicate discussion took place under the portrait as a reminder they that they loved each other and that was something that they would never lose .

Another couple used the diverse images from her album as a sex communication tool. It started as a playful joke. He had put a very racy image of her on the bed suggesting what they should do. When he came back in the room she had replaced it with a suggestive image with an attached note that said “Entice me and maybe. . . “ He did, they did and her images became a very complex short hand of expectations. She even had one that meant – take out the garbage, wash the dishes and I am in.

Who knew photographs could become Morse code?

For Carol, she claimed one particular image saved her life. Her session was done at the lowest point in her life. She later said she could not describe how black that point was. Her friend had pushed her to come. She said the session transformed her. Connected her back with herself. One image did everything for her. She explained it expressed her vulnerability, a deep confidence she had not seen in herself, some whimsy; her list went on. Carol said it was like an indication of how she felt. It did not reflect her mood though, it reflected what she needed to pull herself out of a dangerous mood while it empowered her positive emotions.

Even though this image was a full nude it hangs in her living room as art that is her contemplation point.

Mockup #2

For Kassandra it is her secret weapon. She is in a high energy, octane paced, emotionally bruising profession. She loves it. Everyone has their own edge to win, to keep that defiant swagger. Hers is her book of nudes in her locked bottom drawer.

Some winners have a mantra the say before barging through the door. A few words that set up their day, triggers their outrageous confidence; belief in themselves, that carries them through a down emotional moment.

Kassandra opens up her book to get that.

Her images are bold, mostly nude, some outrageous, all displaying a powerfully confident woman who can overcome anything . . . everything.

Do you have an image that empowers you, connects you; reminds you of your best qualities? Lets you take on the world on your terms?

How bold, how daring; just how far out of your box or your comfort zone can the experience of that image take you?

I am always thrilled to hear how my images continue to inspire, even alter, my clients lives long after that image first enters their lives. It is so cool to hear the way my images have become woven deeply into the tapestry of a woman’s life.

I hope you have an image that dominates your life; a talisman of your own!


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.