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How This Woman Used A Kickstart Approach To Get Her Book Of Nudes.

 Now this may seem like a crazy way to get a nude book of yourself, it happens more than you think. This is the story of the first client that did it this way.

 Kickstarter, like other crowd sourcing funding sites, is a really cool community way to get help funding a dream. Which is fitting because what we create for our clients is their dream experience and images.

 With Kickstarter the investors or supporters get something in return, like all investors do. It is not always something tangible though, like prints, or hardware. It often takes the form of support acknowledgement.

 Which is how hers worked, but you need the back-story to really appreciate the ending.

 She was nervous about her session, it was important to her for several reasons. She had struggled with self-image issues for a while. She had lost some weight, trimmed up, yet it persisted. Even so, she was pleased with where she was at; wanted to commemorate it, mark how far she had come. She was actually looking for, she explained to me, a confidence booster with a reference.

 She was not sure if she could make the leap to a nude . . . that would be a pretty bold step for her. Yet she hoped she could. This idea had slipped out to her friends, who had leapt upon it as brilliant. They had even helped her find me, she smiled as she explained, “They had declared your studio as the best they could find for my adventure.”

 They were gleeful in their encouragement to do a nude. It was the barrier breaker, the over the top action that would redefine her image. They didn’t care her body wasn’t perfect, she was they declared.

 She was surprised when she started posing nude; she said she felt wicked and daring at the same time.

 Of course she brought her posse along for the selection, the viewing of her boldness. She was both excited and apprehensive.

 They loved them; there was no shortage of interjections as she got a number of images down to her final selection. Her friends cheered her choices, giving her viewing a fun party feel.


 Having a self-image challenge she was surprised when the number of images she loved exceeded her budget. Her friends howled as her self-image issues faded away with her loving the way she looked.

 One friend started the unanimous idea of Kickstarting her dream. They all decided to pitch in to help fund her book, which brought her to grateful tears. It was a very emotional viewing at that point. Their friendship got a little tighter, which was cool to see.

 To acknowledge their investment in their cherished friend, we created a page in her book just for them. They were thrilled with that; it became a permanent marker for her right of passage.

 She laughed when she called it that, she had read about it on our web page.

 They all came to see her book when it arrived; they opened it together, although she squealed the loudest, they all enjoyed the moment. They lingered on the page that made it possible, quiet for a minute.  It was a wonderful moment.

 Kickstarter is the visible edge of the wave of community support; of people you know or sometimes don’t know reaching out to help make dreams come true. In some ways it is like the bridal registers but without the obligation.

 We have had several books created this way, friends or family or sometimes both, making sure the person important to them gets all they desire. Sometimes it is one person.

 Once it was even an ex lover, that redefines parting on good terms.

 Having your community actually buy into your dreams, is transforming on so many levels. It is very cool to watch it all unfold. Their adventure becomes shared, becoming deeper and richer.

 This is one of the many reasons I love what I do, it is transforming.3


Posted by: Mark Laurie

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