How Your Partner Sees You And Wants You To See Yourself.

So BuzzFeed ran an interesting experiment on the perceptions of your partner. They asked partners separated by curtains to step forward with each positive answer to their questions. At the end they raised the curtain for the reveal. The questions were interesting, the diverse ending point of each couple was revealing.

A few of the comments caught my attention because it echoed most husbands’ comments about the wives they adore. Oddly, it was also what so many of the women that step in front of my lens have as a reason for baring it all.

Lovers, boyfriends and husbands, say they want the love of their life to see how beautiful they are. Not just in the physical sense, but also in the personal sense. We are all so much deeper than our skin.

The women standing in front of my studio soft boxes often want to see the same thing; who they really are.

It’s nearly universal, regardless of sex and orientation. For example, still standing at the starting line after the last question, the curtain falls to show his surprised partner looking back from the far front. He simply bowed his head. “Being honest with myself, this is where I am, thank you for believing in me.” His partner was incredulous, having no idea of his self-doubts or self-view.

This self-doubt is a human condition that is growing.

One client pointed out the difference between these types of self-discovery revelations and what she found in our studio was change. She came in self-conscious of her looks with a confidence battered from the recent loss of a relationship. In the session she explained she came face to face with her mirror image and her confidence. It was a scary step, the contemplation of it was worse than her internal debate to join her daughter on the Terror of Doom roller coaster, which she declined.

mark laurie, inner spirit photography, confidence, boudoir and nude imageYet, intentionally ignoring her screaming nerves, she stepped through my studio threshold into her adventure. Later, nearly as nervous to see the first images from her photo session materialize on screen, she was delighted to meet herself as the world saw her.

This seems to be the age of discovering, revealing and altering our erroneous self-reflections of what we look like and who we are. Experiments like BuzzFeed’s and Dove’s are mirrors, or wakeup nudges of our frayed viewpoint. Adventures like our photo shoots are active corrections.

You might not have to go as far as appearing in a Buzzfeed experiment video to see if you leave yourself at the starting line while the world and more importantly, your partner, sees you belonging at the other end. You can imagine it was you beside the curtain as they are asked the questions.

But, if you want to have some fun changing your self-perception, try an adventure in being bold.

We would suggest ours, but have fun with any adventure!

Checkout the BuzzFeed experiment –

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.