Lingerie boudoir smiling woman copyright Mark Laurie,

“I couldn’t do it, be photographed …..never mind being NAKED in front of someone.”

“I just don’t…..look …right naked, or clothed.”

 I remember this conversation with her. I remember her look of horror and fascination, as I bubbled over with excitement about my experience.

 And those words, coming from her, a slim, young, beautiful woman, creative and charming made me sad.  Just looking at her you can see her zest for life bubbling up in every circumstance.

 “I don’t have that look. Or thighs that look good in shorts, or arms that look good in tank tops.”

 “So I keep covered up and just don’t scar the rest of the world.”

 Listening to this woman, I wanted to cry. She was so matter- of- factly putting herself down and dismissing any concept that she may be an attractive woman. She was not doing it for attention, or sympathy. She was simply stating a fact that she fully believed: She did not “Look Beautiful”.


 So many times in life we will be given an opportunity, to change our outlook. To set aside our self -loathing and impossible standards and truly see ourselves as who, and what we are.

 I will never forget how excited I was for her the day she called to schedule her photo shoot. Or how nervous she was in her consultation.

 It will never stop amazing me how much changes when we see ourselves through the Inner Spirit lens. How much the world is altered when we are freed to love and except our bodies, our lives and our choices. There is a special kind of confidence we receive through accepting our likeness projected up on the 7×8 ft screen, naked, imperfect and beautiful.

 Seeing her today, she is not the woman who was afraid of “scaring” the world. She has fearlessly left so much behind her; doubt, loathing, abusive relationships, and grown into an empowered woman.

 Her life and confidence has forever changed. And she rocks a pair of shorts.






A preview of things to come:

In the darkness she stood there, naked, confident and perfect in her imperfection.

The light hit the shallow pond, creating a perfect reflection in the glassy surface, while a warm mist drizzles over her creating the perfect image.

It’s not a harlequin romance, it’s our very own water set. Become the Heroine of your own story, APRIL:11-12 Call 403-252-2662 to book your spots now.

Some inspiring stories of water set revelations are on the way.Wet n Wild photography session image of a woman photographed in a water and mist set, by Inner Spirit Photography Studio Calgary's Mark Laurie.

Posted by: Emily S

I am a wife, mother, and mechanic. I came to Inner Spirit as a client and now am helping women like myself come through this amazing experience.