Nude image of a female bodybuilder with inspirational quote.

Sometimes the best person to inspire us is us.  All of us accomplish great things, even if it’s only in our little world. The pace of life, though, often buries it under layers of the next thing, then the next, until it takes a nudge to bring it back.

We like to be inspired – usually with quotes that hold meaning, tied in with imagery which amps up its power. Facebook reports that the most shared and commented-on uploads are the photographs with quotes.

But what happens when you become the image that inspires? A client who just came back for another session shared her inspirational YouTube video on her weight loss.  It’s a morphed video of images that she took daily, that shows her 10 month transformation.

Colette just took third place in a body building contest. She worked hard to reshape her body. “Proof,” she said to me, “that just because you are getting old does not mean that you have to get fat and flabby.”  The design of her session images was to include some self inspiring quotes that will remind her of both what she accomplished and her intent to keep fit.

Sometimes it’s just the image that keeps the intent focused.

Suzy designed a home gym. To keep her subconscious focused on her goal of always staying fit and as youthful as she can, we created anonymous images of her. They were nude and semi nude images where her face was dark beyond recognition or just cropped to the lips. They become the décor posters to her workout room. The side bonus was her husband decided to join her more often in the gym – after all, he knew who was in the posters.

Why is self-inspiration so powerful to us? To start, we are tuned to ourselves, our name, our image, and it’s a powerful magnet. It comes into our minds unfiltered. So when we attach a message that moves us, it comes into our subconscious unquestioned and with extra authority.

Plus, we retain it longer. Because it is us, people we are close to comment on it, reinforcing it.  Well, you can see how this drifts along.

Interestingly, it does not even have to be in focus; it can be reduced to an impressionistic blur framed in the quote. We still know it’s us in there, doing something that triggers the power of the quote even deeper.

While we do this for lots of clients, there are many online services – even free ones – that you can use to mashup your own Inspiring Poster. It does not even require printing; you can make it a background to your smart phone or tablet.

After all, being an inspiration can be really inspiring. You should try to reap the benefits.

What do you think; could this work for you? What image of you combined with a quote would inspire you? I would like to know. It might be just the idea someone else needs, too!

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.