Boudoir image of a woman above bed for wall decor Copyright Mark Laurie -, Calgary

When does the displaying of your image become a display of vanity? Is there a certain number of prints that crosses the line? Perhaps size – when the image gets bigger than X – it becomes a vanity statement? Is it placement; if it’s too prominent then it’s an expression of a vain person?

I believe I have the answer for you.

First, there is no middle ground. You are either seen as a vain person or you are not.

If you are vain you likely are not reading this anyway. Long ago the vain person embraced that part of their personality and just lives that way, and both they and their friends have embraced it.

So wondering if doing something will show you as being vain, already means that you are not. Good news.

Are there choices that can get people wondering if you are becoming vain? Yes, but they are pretty obvious.

It is all really tied up in how good your image is. If your image is just okay – nothing remarkable, or worse, a bad image – if it goes up people might wonder why. They can see that it’s not great, and that as an image, regardless of who is in it, it does not warrant a large size or a prominent place of display.

If it’s scenic, it’s chalked up to a bad choice of décor. If it’s of you, then they have to wonder why. Their conclusion might be that it has to do with your perception of yourself, and that your perception is big enough to overlook the image flaws. You might be coming across as a vain person on them.

But if your image is a breathing taking piece of art, then it does not matter to the viewer who the subject is, it should be large enough to enjoy and in a place to enjoy it. So many of my clients relate their friend’s response to their selected wall image as being “Wow, if I looked that amazing, it would be big on my wall too!”

Once you have a fantastic image, the other questions become more of a fine art décor question. Nearly any Interior Designer will explain a wall piece should be about the same size as the piece of furniture it is above. The image itself will speak to its size, as there is a point it overwhelms itself, or loses impact if too small.

For prominence, it’s a focal point of the room (all fine art images are; that is their purpose). If it’s a collection, then they need to follow the conventions of any collection: tell a story, all be effective, and so on.

The vanity question for the non-vain person really comes down to the power of the image. If it’s incredible, no one will see it as being any more vain than if you found a stunning dress that sets off your sexy curves. Why would you not wear it? In the case of a breathtaking photograph, why would you not hang it?

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.