Boudoir image of a woman photographed by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography studio in Calgary. Mark is world renowned for his female nudes, boudoir and glamour photography.

I always ask why. Each time I sit with a client to plan her boudoir or nude portrait session, I ask why.

They nearly always start out with, “Well, it’s about time I did this.” Tacked on after that is what it’s time for.

It’s about time . . . “I’m not getting any younger.” . . . “I crossed this off my bucket list.” . . . “ I have lost a huge amount of weight.” . . . “I finally got my nerve up.” . . . “I just turned (am turning) 25″ or 30, 40, 50 – sometimes even 70.

“It’s about time I did this.”

Sometimes they just say that, then look at me with a face that says, “You understand this, how important this is.”

I do. My whole team does.

Nude image of a woman photographed by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography studio in Calgary.

But I find it interesting. It seems life goes along for our clients then suddenly doing this with us is important. Some have said the need is for it to be life changing. Mary Beth told me that it was like a craving when she was pregnant. Her body suddenly just wanted something.

It’s the trigger that overcomes the fear or just the nerves. We seem to be invisible until their need arrives.

For several years we had the same booth setup at the Calgary Women’s Show, we had actually had a 20×20 booth there for over 20 years. This booth setup, besides being 20×20 with 8foot marbled walls graced by nudes, boudoir, couples and prenatal, had an 8 foot photograph hanging just inches above the average person. When you came in the front door there were 30 feet of show cars, then our booth with this image hanging down. We had this setup for about 4 years.

A women was signing up for her session, all excited, telling us we should market ourselves, all women should know this was available, and that I should keep coming to these shows. I told her we had, but was this her first time coming? No, she was a regular but had never seen us. I pointed to our huge hanging portrait, “How could you miss this?”

It was easy to see why. It wasn’t her time. She was not looking for what her body would come to crave.

We have had clients appear with tattered cards, years old, telling us they had to do this now.

I always marvel at this, how our subconscious suddenly decides what it is that must be next. Then it becomes a quest and, like all quests, it changes us. A real quest is a little scary – they all require a leap of faith; they always exist just beyond the light, just outside of the veil. We feel them more than we see them. Some times it turns out that the goal was not the holy grail, but the journey, the experience was. That is what changes us, not what we grasp when we uncover it. But rather, the experience on the road to it, yet when are in the middle of it, we don’t realize that. Our body knows, our subconscious, it knows when it’s time to experience it.

When it’s about time. . .

Nude image of a woman photographed by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography studio in Calgary.

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.