Nude image of a woman photographed by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography studio in Calgary.

Joy’s 65th birthday is coming up this Spring. She came in for her session last weekend. It was amazing; she brought a friend to cheer her on.

When we planned her session I asked how she heard about us. She explained she first saw us, got our card, years ago. It had been pinned up in her bedroom all this time. “Why now?” I asked.

“It’s time,” she said. “Actually, it’s nearly past time.”

It’s Time.

I hear that a lot. Sometimes I hear It’s About Time, or It’s About Time, with the emphasis changing the meaning.

What makes having a session with us an “It’s Time” thing to do?

We have noticed that for most women the timing of coming in lines up with changes in their lives. They are either going through something, coming out of something, or about to go through something. The something is not always bad; it can be a big or a smallish change. It’s change, often an internal change. Most times they are not even aware of it until they pause to consider it.

We were studied by Dr. Brown years ago when the positive impact our sessions and prints were having on women was noticed. After a whole year of interviews, he found that change: growth as described above was present in every woman in the study.

It’s Time. . .

Sarah explained to me that, in looking back, it was like a clock was ticking away and she had to capture who she was and what she wanted to express, now, before it was too late.  It was always something she wanted to do, but was not sure if it was something she could do, then suddenly it became something she had to do. She was quite amused by it, especially the timing.

Years ago she was fit, trim, and firm in all the right places. Now she had the body reflecting a mother of three with gym time lower on the list of things that should get done. Yet, now she was comfortable in her skin, plus she joked, things are likely to slip a bit more down before they slip up.

It’s Time. . .

Sometimes when we ask why, we get just that response, “It’s Time.” Like that covers it. That that one phrase is as complete an explanation as is needed. Kelly offered that it was like your body needing salt, you just go looking for it; your body drives you to fill its own need. For her, doing this now was like that. Kelly’s need to have it done became stronger than her fear of being nude AND being photographed.

“It’s About Time” crops up occasionally. Kristin had been looking for a photographer for her nudes for several years. She was a woman of means so had researched photographers across the US, her home country. She told me she had found three types of photographers. The first was photographers who created amazing images, but were questionable in an intangible way. Or were totally loveable, delightful photographers who, while taking nice images, were not able to capture the essence of the person.

We were her “It’s About Time” find. Meeting both her quality and likability needs. She was so wonderful to photograph, and our first client to pull up in a limousine from her hotel.

I find it interesting that the It’s Time moment arrives for a woman irrelevant to age. We have women barely 22, in their 30s, and into their 60s, like Joy.

What It’s Time for varies, though. Yes, it’s time for a session but what the session is about – what it’s time for – ranges pretty wildly. For some it’s capture of their figure, their energy, their sensuality; for others it’s about who they are now, what they wish to express. For most it’s also about overcoming fear, their concerns. Often it’s about seeing themselves as the world, their lovers, and friends, see them.

That is often a revelation that astounds them, which is a very cool reaction to watch.

For Joy it was about the experience – it was for herself. She sent me this note after her session:

“I would just like to say thank you for making the session today so painless and memorable. It was years ago that I decided I wanted to do this never did I think it would b at this time in my life.

You are a master at what you do and I am grateful to you for the experience.”

When do you think “It’s Time. . .” will come for you?

Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.