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Looking Back . . . Looking Forward.

 Wow, the last week of 2015 has arrived. It amazes me how fast the future comes to us. How was your year? Thinking about the future yet?

 As much as I enjoy considering my adventures, wins and losses, I really enjoy reflecting on the stories of the women I have photographed. It is very gratifying, on several levels.

 It is exciting to hear about how the experience changed them or thrilled them. To have them share about how being photographed nude or in lingerie embolden them to create change or bravely explore other areas of their lives.

 Over the year many came up with exciting challenges for me to create for them. I have had a ball turning them into reality. The most interesting sessions often began with “I don’t know if this is possible or if you can do this, but I have always thought it would be cool to . . .”


 We have had a number of women buying sessions at the Taboo show or charity events with plans to be photographed in the New Year. Usually it is a weight lost plan or a fitness program they are active in. They have a target weight or body shape achievement date set. The photography is their reward for meeting the goal. It gives them a huge focus push to reach their goal.

 It always amazes me when a woman asks if she can book a date that is 6 months out. That is a body shape plan and goal!

 Barely into January we will have a session that was booked 5 months ago. We are borrowing some space in a local Gym to create her images.

 Some of the biggest, most impactful images were the expectant mom sessions. Those sessions you can never go back to redo. Melissa went into labor the day after her session. That was tight timing! Then, within weeks of being born, little Steele became the unpainted part of a body paint session. She is going to have such an interesting life.


 This is also the week I step into the future. Planning our Valentines campaigns, contests plus the special events like the water and fires sets. Plus the personal adventures like photographing icebergs with Jan off of the Newfoundland coast. Jan tells me to watch for migrating whales too.

It amazes me that nearly all of our available session dates in January are booked. It is great starting a year out like that! So many of the women are returning clients full of new ideas along with fresh ways to be bold and daring.

We have been doing body paint jams in my studio since last summer. The first one of the year is going to be baby bumps, we will be looking for about 5 to 7 expectant mothers excited about having their tummies painted and photographed. The paint is perfectly safe of course.

 We have a new flame wrangler for our fire sets, very excited about that. On the other elemental side we are setting dates for our water set and milk toss sessions.


 There is a new collaboration happening too, with 3d chalk artists. He will be chalking out 3d scenes that I will be putting my clients into to photograph. That is going to be amazing.

 Do you have bucket list or 2016 goal of getting an exciting photograph done? Can we be part of that too?

 What I would love to hear is what was your biggest memory last year along with what your biggest desire or goal for 2016!

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Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.