How photoshop altered photographs helped her to lose weight. Copyright Mark Laurie -, Calgary

Title has you confused? Let me explain. Initially Gail came to us for a daring portrait series that would let her see her own beauty and confidence. Gail had struggled with her weight for a long time, and it had impacted her view of herself, and her self image.

Gail's unaltered session photo showing her original weight and figure. Copyright Mark Laurie -, CalgaryHer session was remarkable; she stepped way out of her box and limitations. Her sparkling, lively personality infused every image. It was great.

Then she came across a YouTube video where, in super-fast time, the artist altered an overweight woman’s figure to a trim version of her possibilities. The magic of Photoshop.

It struck Gail how powerful that new image could be toward programming the brain for weight loss. The idea was linked to the subconscious that has no connection to reality, but tries to create what you envision. The old “If you can dream it, you can do it” idiom.

Gail thought, if a envisioned image was the only image she could see of herself, it would be easier to reach her goals. It would get her subconscious doing most of the work.
4198D-0061GB-Gail-slim  after photoshop image she used this to envision loosing weight. Copyright Mark Laurie -, Calgary
So she commissioned a life-sized print with all the Photoshop we could do, to match her goal weight appearance. Now, I need to stress that normally we don’t alter our client’s appearances – we just apply polish to them. But this was an exceptional request.

Gail removed every photograph of her from her home until the only image of herself she could see was our life-size recreation. She knew she would still have to diet and exercise – it’s not quite magic, after all – and she did.

She is thrilled to report that it’s worked. She has lost more weight, more easily over the months that followed, than she ever had before. Plus, it has been staying off!

We love it when we hear how our images are changing our patrons’ lives. Gail’s story is unique, though, and it is exciting. With all the pressure put on women by marketing that manipulates photos to unrealistic degrees, it’s wonderful to twist it around and use those techniques to authentically help someone achieve their goals.

Posted by: Mark Laurie

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