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Mad Scientist Experiments Cn Clients

I have been perfecting my evil mad scientist laugh. I think it is sounding pretty evil, slightly demented.

Sigh, my clients usually just laugh.

It usually hits me when I need to turn up the power of my strobes; I always think of Frankenstein or some silhouetted-by-flames demented scientist creating life from spare parts. Usually it’s when a client has brought some cool things, outfits or ideas along for her session that I get to tap into my inner mad scientist.

That image jolts the creative flow into unexpected territory. I love it!

A large number of our clients, so thrilled with the experience along with the results, let us use their images as samples of what I create. I think it is around 92.41% that do. They usually indicate an interest in being part of our other projects.

So when I get the time to try out a new idea or approach, I turn to these clients first to experiment on. Even when I am going to work on some of my fine art projects, I turn to them first. Sometimes I get approached to help source models for other peoples projects, like the body painting workshop with Australian expert Annie Reynolds a few weeks back. Or when the Professional Photographers of Canada needed models for their workshops. Someone else gets to be their mad scientist.

My latest experiment is Black Light Body Painting. Jen came in for our first test experiment. These are her images here. I had bought a black light florescent tube used for Halloween parties. Fran did the UV body painting art.

We all had a blast with a very patient model.


It was so much fun we already have a client booked who wants a body painted session under black light. After that a body painter’s jam spontaneously sparked for the weekend. You can see some of the inspirations they are working with on our Body Painter Inspirations on Pinterest.

I will be putting some of those up soon.

My mad scientist experiments keep turning into approaches my clients want more of. Our water set that we called wet n wild , and fire sets started that way. Now we do 4 or more water sets a year. My whole studio becomes a lake with Emily spraying and splashing our client. We are thinking of creating Mermaids and Pirates version of it for our client’s kids (we inherited a small mermaids tail).

So, inspired by water, I ordered an underwater housing for my camera so we can create underwater images. That should arrive soon.

It’s not always about the camera and set ideas. Sometimes we experiment in Photoshop. The Fury,an award-winning image written about in a previous blog was the result. That effect is now in several of our Italian- printed clients’ books.

Many of our clients have so fallen in love with the camera their modeling sessions with us turned them into very active fashion and photography models in Calgary.

Several of our clients have told us we created monsters, tongue in cheek of course. They went from being terrified of having their photograph taken to being addicted to being in front of a camera.

Stacie is a good example of that.

She started with a gift book of nudes and boudoir images. Her husband was thrilled, but surprised because of her avoidance of all cameras. He asked if she would do it again. “Yes,” she replied, “it was a blast.” He funded 8 more photo shoots of her that year.

I would get these random phone calls with an idea he had. Then we would book the session, she became more skilled and expressive with each session. Practice does make perfect.

So I have fun being the mad scientist, even though my clients chuckle at my evil laugh. Such cool creations come of it. I get to challenge myself, grow my skills and, well, just play.

Luckily I have lots of clients to experiment on. Sometimes they even bring the ideas or raw stuff to work with to me. It is a delight!

There are so many ideas. We have chocolate to melt and pour on a body, levitation ideas. Then leaving the studio, won’t it be cool to find a high-rise or office tower roof we could do nudes on with the city in a golden sunset? Or an old rusted abandon truck in a field or woods; that would be fun.

Such is the life of the Mad Scientist. (Imagine my mad laugh here). Would you like to be a subject? Have a wild idea for an experiment?

What creation, I wonder, will come to life next?


Posted by: Mark Laurie

World-renown photoartist Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography specializes in Female Portraiture: nudes, boudoir, prenatal & fine art. His empowering images of women reveal their heart & soul.