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This the second of three blog posts about Melissa, our recent 23 year old client. We spoke with her the day before her session, the day after, and then again after her viewing. Follow her journey.

The Session

Melissa chose the Signature Experience session. “I felt completely pampered from the moment I walked into the door,” said Melissa. “It’s impossible to put the session into words, it was simply amazing.”  Melissa says her nerves completely melted away as Jan, the make-up artist, performed her magic. “I looked into the mirror and didn’t believe it was me.”

4462D-0132MB boudoir lingerie corset woman with harley bike. Copyright Mark Laurie -, Calgary

Some shots that she and Mark did included one with the stone ruins, going for a tavern maid feel. She brought her own corset and short skirt and got into the flow. “It took me a bit to get into it, but not that long because Mark is so great.” She said the shoot started slow as she got comfortable, and by the end “the clothes are flying off and you don’t care anymore, you just want more time!”

“Mark showed me some of the images as we were shooting and I couldn’t believe it was me.”  We had such a great time with Melissa’s session and there were so many things that she wanted to try that she ended up wishing we had more time with the final set … the motorcycle.

Melissa’s advice for the shoot is to “keep it simple. Mark has so many ideas, just give him lots of room to work with.” It was an awesome experience for Melissa and she thinks “everyone should do it, it was such a great confidence builder.”

“It still feels very surreal, I can’t wait to see the pictures to make sure it happened.”

We asked our make-up artist and touch up expert, Jan, what her best tips are for preparing for your upcoming shoot…

– We know with all the excitement and nerves before your shoot you can’t sleep, but try. Getting eight hours of sleep a night the week before your shoot will keep those dark circles away.

– Don’t fake tan before. Jan is a magician with digital touch-ups so you don’t need to worry about tan lines, or strange orange blotches.

– Don’t stress, you will be completely pampered from the moment you walk in our doors. Stressing isn’t pretty on anyone so relax and have fun.

– Using a good exfoliator and followed by plenty of moisturizer (especially in Calgary!) will make your skin glow.

– Eat a light snack before you arrive. It’s a long day and you want to make sure you have enough energy to last.

– Exercise before if that’s in your usual routine. Exercise helps boot your confidence, but our passion and experience will bring out your most beautiful self regardless of your gym routine.

– Wear loose fitting clothing on arrival. Remove socks, tight watches and belt/waistbands prior to your shoot. This will minimize any marks on your skin.

– Test drive your outfits before arriving and book in with your esthetician 3-4 days before your shoot.

– Grab your daughter or one of the girls and head to the nail salon. Clean nails will look better on camera and your girlfriend will have a million questions about your upcoming photo shoot.

– Shower and apply moisturizer to your face and body before arriving, but skip the make-up Jan will take care of the rest. Showing up with heavy eye make-up only takes time to remove. Wear your sunglasses from your house to our studio if you must.

– Book a special night with your partner or a ladies night for the night after your shoot. You’ll look amazing and everyone will want to hear every detail.

Melissa’s story continues

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