Bum shot is now a book cover - nude women's bum with masks Copyright Mark Laurie - InnerspiritPhoto.com, Calgary


How many women have the moxie to put a nude shot of their bum on the cover of their bio book?

Traci does. Although, I think she has always been FABULOUS.

Anyways,it’s not just her bum on the cover, it’s mine too. I am kinda pleased about that. It’s a very fitting shot.

Actually, I could create my own book of Traci images. It would be huge; you see I have been photographing Traci nude for longer than any other client. We started back in the 1980’s when she was a single mom, a very young single mom. She could have stepped off a surfboard she was so California looking.tracyblog


She has always been fearless, even when she thought she was not.

In 1992 she appeared in a ground breaking digital image that combined a very early 3d imaging program image with her floating in a cybernetics tube. As you can see by the image, there are several “copies” of her floating. She was horrified to go bald but we explained the concept that she was being created, so no makeup either. She still slipped past the nail polish, though.

As I reflect on Traci it occurs to me that she was really my first muse. While often creating commissioned images for her, she would just as often come in to be part of different concepts or vision images. Sometimes she was my model for “just because” images, to test things. I loved collaborating with her.tracyb

We did a flying fine art image with her. Imagine her suspended from the ceiling, being balanced on a 7inch by 3 inch cushioned strip of wood, assistants at head and toe positioning her as Traci pretended to be flying. In the 50” final image she has huge wings pushing her through the atmosphere far above an ancient planet.


The universe worked to keep us in touch. Some time had passed where I had lost track of her, then a man came in to purchase a photo session for this goddess he had married. It was for her.

For her 50th birthday gift we did another nude session, with a little glamour for her book cover jacket. She has a few crinkles at the edge of her eyes but that is more from her laughing than real age. Her nude images from that session have become part of our new limited edition collection of nude images.072 fear to fabulous traci

You will have to read her book to get her full story; it comes out next year. She truly is fabulous.


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  • What a fabulous story, Your images are amazing!