Love Your Body Goes Viral & Its Canadian.

A year later this Toronto NOW magazine annual Love Your Body issue of nudes still comes up in news feeds. It is fascinating that it went viral. Even wilder, it’s Canadian. These are not your normal nudes; wheelchair athlete, transgender burlesque performer, pregnant mom for a total of 12 everyday Canadians.

They are average people daring themselves, becoming just a touch bolder and extraordinary.

You can see the images and article here on the Now Magazine Page. ( )

The nude bodies are, mostly women’s but men are appearing more and more, becoming activist statements. Like a lightning rod for a point, for a cause, to grab some attention then educate.

Usually it’s an American or European collective of women getting the headlines. They mostly are pushing the “Be comfortable in your own skin ” idea. Which I applaud! I don’t have any supportive facts but I suspect the number of regular woman revealing their bodies for their own purposes now outranks the Madison Avenue efforts.

The viral headlines come from some pretty mainstream sources; here are some samples:

Magazine’s Nude Editorial Highlights The Beauty Of Body Diversity – Huffington Post (USA)

  • Transgender Burlesque Performer, Wheelchair-Bound Basketball Player and Pregnant Activist Pose Naked for Body Positivity – People Magazine (USA)
  • This Nude Photo Shoot Is a Beautiful Rebuttal to All Those New Year’s Body Pressures –
  • These people got naked to show that every body is beautiful – Metro (UK)
  • 5 Reasons we love Now Toronto’s body positive nude photo series – sheknows
  • Activists And Athletes Pose Nude To Highlight The Beauty Of Body Diversity – Huff Post (UK)
  • Why NOW Toronto Featured 12 Beautiful Everyday Canadians Posing Nude –

There are more, some in foreign languages, each giving their own take on it. The grey background images are by Tanja Tiziana of NOW Toronto.

Like the women who come to my studio to do nudes, writer Sabrina Maddeaux tells Huffington Post, “The images celebrate the human body in all forms, but our subjects’ stories, in their own words, go way beyond skin deep. True, most of the people we photographed were initially (and understandably) nervous, but the consensus was that being shot nude was an incredibly liberating experience.

This seems to be universal, however nervous or apprehensive a woman is at the start of her nude experience, the liberated, empowered feeling at its end is always commented on. Usually repeatedly expressed.

The Now project began as a reaction to social pressures by body shamers, as an alternative viewpoint; a way to encourage self love. The response has been amazing.

In each nude photo the subject tells a bit of their story. Why they did it and how they felt, how the experience changed them.

I just had my book, Revelations, come out that tells the same uplifting stories. There are 6 diverse stories; women telling how they used their nude experience for empowerment and help in their own struggles.

It’s another marker of progress as women decide to experience and showcase their acceptance of their bodies. It is exciting that in conservative Canada we can make waves internationally with people being bold and showcasing their acceptance of their skin.

It should be noted too, that while the media spotlights women being empowered and embracing their features, their bodies; there are large numbers of women who have always been comfortable in their bodies, who enjoy expressing that flamboyantly or quietly.

Inner Spirit Photog nudeIt is, after all, a very diverse world. It is great to see society moving to embrace that on so many levels. Exposed skin is just one.

Check out the original Now magazine story with photos at Love Your Body in 2016

Take a look at Huffington Post’s take on the story – Magazine’s Nude Editorial Highlights the Beauty of Body Diversity 

I would be delight if you downloaded for free my e-book; Revelations – How Going Risqué Made These Women Bolder & Braver While Feeling Sexier

Revelations - empowerment stories by mark laurie of Inner Spirit Photography

An image to leave you with,

Nude with Harley Davidson by Inner Spirit Photography - Mark Laurie


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